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2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread


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Missing: Active Noise Cancellation, Tilting Screen, Heated Windshield.

The first two are said to be coming later via software. No one has mentioned anything about the heated windshield. It should be very easy to tell whether it is equipped based on the existing glass.

There is a button for the heated windshield. And I believe this is now the generation that does not use the visible filament that they have used in the past. So the good news is I believe this is a heated windshield.
Ive had my new LR for two days and heres is my list of issues

-when I try to open up the owners manual the screen locks up
- I cant get my iphone to show its messages on the screen
- occasionally when streaming music the song skips (probably just cell reception)
-when i pull into my garage the charging door wont open with pushing the button on charger unless either I manually open it with app or I lock the doors? (Im probably doing something wrong here)
- on freeway with auto pilot on the auto lane change doesn’t work when I turn on turn signal
- the level of volume on a phone call is way lower than the level playing music so I listen to music at 4 then phone conversation at level 7?
- does the included USB stick need to be formatted to use it for record?

anyone else?