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2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

Greetings & Salutations,

I received my 2022 Tesla MYP on December 8, 2021. Recently discovered that USB-A in glovebox is the only data port. I double-checked owners manual which clearly states data ports in center console. I initially thought I had issues with several usb hubs I purchased and had to return as defective. I was unable to run Tesla USB from center console via usbc to usb-a adapter but it was receiving power.
I opened a ticket with service and told the behavior of the USB ports is normal on recently built vehicles and closed my service appointment. Quick Tesla Motors club search also looks like this started aroud July but but owners manual still not updated.
I've asked to be provided more information since I'm using USB-A as primary dashcam 1tb portable drive. Concerend with possible corruption if I'm sharing usb-a port with boombox, music drive, game controller (when charging).
Anyone experiensing issues with sharing USB-A devices plus dashcam drive? Is there a way to update the center console ports?

Thank you in advance


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My 2020 Long Range Model Y has two front USB ports. One port is USB-A, the second port is USB-C. The USB-C port powers the wireless phone charging pad. There is no USB-A port inside the glove box.

I use the USB-A port for Dashcam and Sentry Mode recordings. I installed an unpowered USB-A hub so in addition to using the USB-A port for the Dashcam/Sentry Mode I can use a second USB-A thumb drive for music. This works fine.

If you want to use the 1TB SSD drive for both Dashcam/Sentry mode and music files you will have to first partition the drive. The Tesla Dashcam/Sentry mode software mounts the USB-A drive for its exclusive use.

The two rear USB-C ports in my 2020 Model Y are for powering devices, phone charging, not for data.
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If you need a second USB data port but your 2021 Tesla Model Y only came with one USB-A data port (the USB-A inside the glove box) this USB hub can extend the functionality of the USB-A data port. I use this hub with the one USB-A data port in my 2020 Model Y. I have a Sandisk MobileMate card reader w/microSD card (for Dashcam/Sentry Mode) and a USB thumb drive (for music) plugged into this USB hub. This is working well.


Forward into the past, or something like that.
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I believe the second half of 21 they put the USB port in the glove box so that the sentry SSD did not get taken. (upper left of glove box)

We do have data on at least one of the front USBC ports as we play games with those.
My 2020 MYLR has data on the front ports, too.

Question - where is the USB port in the glove box? I looked and can’t see one in mine.
Same. Took delivery yesterday, finally figured it out after an hour of trying to pair my Bluetooth game controller to it's USB receiver. I opened a service ticket and got the same answer -- nothing wrong (despite the onboard documentation stating otherwise).
Note that November 1 is the start of official 2022 model year (by VIN) even though Tesla ‘doesn’t do model years’. Looks like some changes are now hooked to the VIN year change. I was looking for game controller connections and ran across this thread, thanks for the confirmation.