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3 phase charger but Tesla only uses 2 phases

I have a 3 phase charger at home that go up to 22kw. I had not bothered logging into the charger to see what it was doing until recently when my Model S started flaking out on the charging (charges for 2 seconds, turns off, charges for 2 sec, turns off etc). Logging in on the Tesla app it claims 3 phase at 19A, Logging into the charger it's telling me that only 2 phases are running. I have Renault Zoe as well - charging on that runs on 3 phases as expected so the charger seems fine. Just wondering if the Tesla has lost a phase and I need to get it replaced?


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The Tesla charger sucks at this.
The truth is that if you charge at for example 16A then it will load L1 with 16A , L2 and L3 with only 8A , so you get a little more power than a o e phase 16A, but no real 3 phase.
And yes, the app lies about it.
I've told Tesla like thee years ago.
It does depend what on-board charger you have.
In the early days (2014 to??) in the UK (I think EU the same but not sure and certainly not sure about US) you could choose between a single charger or a dual charger. The single charger could do 16A x 3 Ph (11kW ish) and the dual charger could do twice that (22kW, the full amount you're hoping for. This is what I have on my 2014 and can confirm I can charge 22kW AC from 3phase 32A).
This single/dual option was later replaced with an uprated single charger which could manage 16kW I think - I guess this is 23A 3ph or perhaps it doesn't necessarily load the phases equally).
Even still - 8kW seems pretty low as a max on 3ph, so perhaps one phase isn't working as designed! But depending on your on-board charger you may not ever be able to get 22kW, maybe if all phases were at 19A you'd get 12, which would indicate you have an "old" single charger setup?
Your voltage does seem quite low though - I only have single phase at home but it doesn't go below 230V at 32A, are you a long way from a transformer/is the charger a long way from your distribution board?
Just an update here. I eventually (took over 3 months of promises and cancelled visits) got Tesla to swap out the charging unit and hey presto I now get the full 3 phases as confirmed from the charger (the tesla and the tesla app lied about this) with the associated increase in power as expected. I have not maxed it out as my supply is limited to 25A but I assume being a 2020 car it will max out at 16kw odd.
To answer the question on voltage, yes in France but voltage is normally the same - I am the sole house on a very long (3km) power spur so get frequent brown outs and drops. Just in the process of fixing that with a large solar array.
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Thanks for the update. I recently got the CCS2 upgrade and ever since I've had charging problems. Randomly tripping public chargers after 30mins-1hr. Went back to Tesla and they inspected all the wiring and assured me it was all ok and were able to get it to charge on a 22kW charger there without incident.

Now I've noticed the car is charging ok but after a few mins when I look at the kW it puts into the car it's off by 1/3 (i.e. 7kW on an 11kW charger). Seems like a phase has dropped out. Weird that the car just keeps on charging but doesn't alert you that a phase has dropped out and is reducing the overall charging speed.

Good to know your issues were resolved with new charging units. I guess I'll drop my car off once more....
What was really useful for me is my charger gives me a phase by phase read out every second - so I can see exactly what was happening as the Tesla display was hopeless. Also a quick double check on another car to make sure the circuits were good. Tesla did manage to diagnose remotely, jjust delivering the service was clearly a challenge. .

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