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3 Years - 43000 S/miles

Today is the 3rd anniversary with my S!
Picked Joules up on the first of December 2012

longest 1 day drive - 580 miles / 202 kWhr
longest single leg - 242 mi in the (real)norcal hills

down to 363Whr/mi lifetime average- most of the higher # days in the graph above are not due to cold :wink:
We have pretty mild weather here mostly. Below are the temps my car has seen during its life, anything over 75-80F is Bay Area,Vegas(last 2 yrs at the end of June) or the Medford/Redding area.

I have 'tried' out 6 sets of tires on 4 different wheels. The stock 21"s w/ Contis and Hankooks. Cheap AS Goodyear set on Enkeis for snow and chaining. RE-11 and PSS staggered on MRRs & finally the PSS on the Forgestars replaced by RE71Rs <----- these rock so hard!!!

Many people (assuming you're mostly all people?) here have made the case that driving an EV is perfect for 99+% of the time - here is my data to almost back it - actually a 40kWhr Model S would have worked for 90% of my driving without any daytime charge (based on daily kWhr) Of course there are those who drive a boatload everyday and have no supercharging so solely relying on EV's wont work yet - but with an SC! no brainer if you can afford the car
for the P85 trips my #'s are 926 days < 200 miles < 46 days - now those 46 days will all have an SC stop if they didn't already


My trip to visit the Parents is 310 miles through hills (hence the little spike just over 300mi) This year the Petaluma SC finally came on line. It is 232 miles from my home...sooooo much better being able to drive the speed limit after 2-1/2 years of grannying my way along 101. It has always been fun to some extent and driving slow brings the added benefit of smiling at all of the CHP officers as I was always safely under the speed limit.

The car has been extremely fun and is still as exciting as it was day 1 except it is quite a bit better than when it was delivered.
Nice graphs!

That picture of your car was the one that finally settled my mind on the config of grey with grey wheels 3 years ago! Glad I went with that combo -- thanks for sharing.

still my favorite!

for anyone wondering - I started hand logging data the first week I had the car, well before anyone figured out the coding. I would really have liked a digital log from day 1 but started a book and just kept at it. At almost every stop I write temp / SOC charge / time / location / regen and power limit. Also SOC when I leave if it has changed from when I stopped last time. I started tracking charge #'s too but this was hard with the step of opening the car checking the kWhr gained then unplugging and leaving -such a pain it was!(just the trip logging is a bit of a pain)
The change from mi to % in a later firmware has messed up the vampire drain check accuracy a bit but I am not too worried about that anymore/currently.

I have also been checking on the rated miles at each SOC % for every firmware and each loaner I had though different SOC's. This is a pretty interesting metric over time and through different software revisions, some were more linear than others and buffers at 0 have changed since early on.
versions before 5.9 seemed to have something like a 30 mile buffer and there were more miles per % at the higher SOC's
5.9 dropped the strange calculation and the miles per % seem pretty flat across the entire range of charge states. I was at 2.45mi/% just before a contactor(battery) replacement and 2.65mi/% after the battery. Currently at 2.53mi/% with an apparent degradation of 0.0003mi/% per day over the last year (starting at 2.57mi/%)

the verticlish lines near the left are the different mi/SOC's . For each early firmware - pretty non linear but also did only record 50%/60%/70% etc back then
lt to rt - 4.5 (>50%) / 5.0(>50%) / 5.6(>50%) / 5.6 loaner(>50%) / 5.8(>50%) / 5.8 / 5.8 (>50%) / 5.9 / 5.9 (new battery) then a couple of 5.9 monthly & newer loaner before the current running line of 6.X+ firmware (beginning spike is a 1-2% number)
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Last tank of gas: March 2009
Jul 16, 2009
Redmond, WA
Nice stats, Zext.

Another Model S "longevity" story: On Sept 28, we hit three years. We have about 56k miles, and 328Whr/mile. We've been in about 30 states, BC and Alberta. Nicest road-trip car we've ever had - we've never had a gas car for a backup, so we take it everywhere. Longest single day was 980 miles, longest road trip was 11,000 miles, longest single leg was under 200 miles because I'm serious about not encountering the drama at the low end of the battery. Works great for camping. Really nice around town, except for the fact that it's so freaking big. Yes there were some problems (windshield, HVAC noise, sunroof noise, door handles) at first, but Tesla handled them well and the car has been awesome since.

Tesla did a nice job with this one. I may replace my Roadster in a year or so with some other car once BEVs with over 150 miles of range appear, but as far as I can tell we're likely to have a Model S for a long time.
Sadly I have had just about every issue that I have heard of happen to my car & I may love her even more because of it all. Lots of random tidbits about the car here and there that I have learned. I got all new door handles earlyish, had the cracked windshield, received a new battery during the pre-contactor replacement era, 12V and switch, foggy taillights and applique, charge port light out (pretty colors)..never had any charge failure or UMC problem though, yay.
So with all of that I have had lots of fun with the car and have been trying(somewhat failing as my tires would testify) to drive sanely on the street and play hard with the ICE kids. The last local autocross I slaughtered w/r/t points and I was even almost the quickest! And on my 4th enduro race I finally set a SSCC fall enduro track record for F street - 'fun' driving(273 mi) - 1.647 kWhr/mi / regular driving - 355 Whr/mi fun pics/videos
I have been using a bit less energy as time goes on- here is daily averages, you can see the seasonal changes
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Here is a graph I have been trying to keep for some reason? seems interesting to me-
what is rated range really?
So I do a ratio of actual driven miles*Whr/mi to the dash mileage difference from my trip & calculate what the rated Whr/mi actually is for my driving (parked losses are accounted for since I include those in my spreadsheet too)
I have a column with every trip and one with just trips >15 miles to account for some of the cold losses and other things that might throw off #'s for some short trips
On the trips >15 mi I have found that the average is 274 Whr/mi for rated (266Whr/mi for all)
This graph shows all the trips-It does seem like it is slightly sloping down to the right...haven't looked too deep into that or figured it out yet, firmware is a possibility, guess I'll need to split up the graph sometime and see

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