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360 Degree Video showing Auto Pilot

Not the greatest quality, I apologize, but just recorded this with a 360 degree camera (my higher quality rig is being used for a movie right now). You can watch on your phone and turn it around or scroll in the desktop player. <3 auto pilot :)

Tesla Autopilot Demo 360 - YouTube
love the 360 view but the video quality is aweful
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love the 360 view but the video quality is aweful

Yeah.. again sorry.. much like auto pilot, 360 video is pretty bleeding edge right now which makes the quality really low (recorded with a Ricoh Theta). I have a higher quality rig (6 gopro freedom360) but again its being used to film a movie currently so it's not available and wanted to put up something so best I could do right now.
Here you go....

Autopilot - Auto Lane Change


Autopilot - Auto Parking


Autopilot - @ Night


Autopilot - What happens when you activate auto lane change right next to a semi?