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#93 Sig Roadster for sale on eBay

No affiliation, just passing this along.

2008 Sig Roadster #93, 25k miles, silver exterior, black/beige interior, hardtop included.
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Price seems decent, but those mods would not be my cup of tea. Could be a fun DIY project bringing it back to stock (getting rid of all decals, smoked headlights, etc). I wonder if the rear massive TESLA logo is painted?
Claimed range: 170-185 miles standard full charge / 205-220 miles range full charge.

Sigh: Found a bunch of pictures of the car in previous stock condition: http://www.phillipsauto.com/web/vehicle_photos/6979156/
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IMO the vehicle would be much more attractive if the seller would return it to stock condition.

Exactly, its just like that bizarre contrasted red/black one that reminded me of the Joker-Mobile. Also someone stripped off all the carbon fiber extras on that car, that was the only thing that had going for it that'd make someone buy it with those crazy colors. It'll be sitting on the for-sale lot for some time to come until they either bring the car back to a normal / sane stock color or drop the price down far enough that a person will put up being seen in such a wacky roadster.

Similar with this one.