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A "new" Model S (90D) -- from model year 2016! (a demo) what to do...

I thought I had gotten lucky -- I found (as Tesla UK existing inventory) a "new" Model S, 90D, a demo with ~9k miles for just under £47k. This was being represented as a £30k savings on the new-car price -- it seemed like a really good deal.

What I've now learned is that it's a car from 2016. (It wasn't apparent from the listing.) This means that the discount is merely fair, resulting in a price that is roughly in line with what I'd spend if I bought a 2016 90D via the regular 2nd-hand market.

I'd be grateful for thoughts on advantages/disadvantages of proceeding with the order.

--warranty as if new (I think)
--I'd imagine it has been driven pretty gently; impossible to know, but I'm guessing test-drivers don't go nuts

--no free supercharging
--they won't give me a Tesla loan -- I'll have to go for private finance, w/ higher interest rate
If it was a private sale with free Supercharging, I would consider it if it had AP2. You could have AP2 upgraded to AP3 and the MCU could be upgraded to MCU2 and it would be close in functionality to a 2020 model. If it doesn't include Supercharging, I'd consider a 2017 or newer S100D instead.
Other than the new car warranty, which you'll want to confirm, I see little advantage over a used car. In fact, it may be slightly worse as it's been used by numerous people for test drives and/or as a service loaner versus a typical used car that may have been used by only one person/family.

I can't speak to UK pricing but I wouldn't value this car any more than what a similar used car would be worth with a comparable warranty. Are there any UK new car EV incentives which you would qualify for?