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Any issues with regular car wash and fixed spoiler?

Do you use regular car wash?

  • Yes, often and no problem (every 1-2 weeks)

    Votes: 9 18.4%
  • Yes, not often (every 1-2 month)

    Votes: 8 16.3%
  • Yes, but had a problem at the carwash

    Votes: 1 2.0%
  • No, I wash it myself or use hand or no touch car wash

    Votes: 31 63.3%

  • Total voters
I have been doing hand washing but am interested in checking out a regular car wash as well.
My model X is now 2 years old and time to take the risk I guess :)
I am going for my 2nd annual service this weekend. Will check how they wash the car and ask them again (in the past they had recommended hand washing :().
Tesla manual says that you cannot use a regular car wash, it has to be hand wash or touchless. So I wouldn't risk it

Another "Good" Point of having a Tesla :(

I get the conservative side of it, but all of my Tesla's go through an automatic car wash. Has for years now at "Yes, not often (every 1-2 month)" frequency. I haven't lost a mirror, spoiler, chrome trim, my left leg, or had any other damage. With that being said; there's always a chance of damage and that's true for any car.

The owners manual seems to be a legal disclaimer to prevent unneccesary warranty claims. It's not a Tesla ownership thing unless we make it one.

If we took all the car washing cautions literally (listed below) it means you would have to hand wash your Tesla, without a wash mitt, using only lukewarm water, in the shade, while plugged in. And may God help you when you rinse as you try to direct the hose away from ALL windows and seals.

Caution: If washing in an automatic car wash, use Touchless car washes only. These car washes have no parts (brushes, etc.) that touch the surfaces of Model X. Using any other type of car wash
could cause damage that is not covered by the warranty.
Caution: Keep sensors clean from dirt, debris, snow, and ice. Avoid using a high pressure power washer on the sensors and do not clean a sensor with a sharp or abrasive object that can scratch or damage its surface.
Caution: Do not use chemical-based or abrasive cleaners. Doing so can damage the surface of the camera lens.
Caution: Tesla strongly recommends leaving Model X plugged in when not in use. This maintains the Battery at the optimum level of charge.
Caution: Do not use hot water or detergents.
Caution: Do not wash in direct sunlight.
Caution: Do not aim water hoses directly at window, door or hood seals, or through wheel apertures onto brake components.
Caution: Avoid using tight-napped or rough cloths, such as washing mitts.
Caution: Do not use cutting pastes, color restoration compounds, or polishes containing harsh abrasives. These can scour the surface and permanently damage the paint.
Caution: Do not use chrome polish or other abrasive cleaners

And for good measure. Please, find me someone; anyone who sticks their head out of the car at 50+ mph to make sure there's no pebbles below the car before their automatic lowering kicks in.

Before adjusting the suspension height, ensure Model X is clear of all obstacles, above and below.
I avoid not for the spoiler, but for the paint. My prior Audi had some bad swirls put into the paint after a car wash. Clearly visible in sunlight. I had ceramic coating placed on my x and hand wash double bucket and waterless in winter and paint looks flawless. Would definitely recommend a ceramic coating if you plan on using the car wash frequently. Doesn’t hurt to have an additional layer.
Hi, I read somewhere that someone had their spoiler ripped off on the car wash. Just wanted to see if anybody here uses a regular car wash for their Model X.

I was regularly washing my car at a car wash and one day one corner of the spoiler lifted from the automatic spinning cloths. When it happened, there was a loud thump and couldn't figure it out but a couple weeks later, I was hand washing it and noticed. The lift is about 1 inch and barely noticeable but I'm not able to bend it back down. There was not paint creasing or chipping from it so I will see if a normal body shop can glue it back down. I inquired about fixing it at Tesla but was told that I'd have to replace the entire spoiler and have it painted because Tesla no longer ships pre-painted parts to any service shops. Touchless car washes for me going forward.