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AP1 in future

It will likely never come out of beta phase. Tesla wasn't even the developer of the software that makes up AP1. That relationship ended a number of years ago prior to the introduction of AP2. Tesla brought the software development of all things autopilot in-house at that time.

AP1 was basically EOL in terms of updates or advancements at that point and will likely remain forever frozen in time exactly the way it's been for a number of years now.

Furthermore there is no upgrade path from AP1 to the later versions of autopilot hardware.
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Quite an interesting question for your first post.
Could be nice to present a bit of your context.

Anyway, I would not expect AP1 to change anymore, except to comply to regulations like last year in Europe.
Agree with others and welcome!

I have AP1. It won’t be updated any more. I don’t even know that it’s connecting to the same neural network as other AP since it’s MobileEye tech, as noted above, which is now owned by Intel, etc.