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Autopilot suggestions

Things that bother me the most about autopilot.
  1. Autopilot needs to plot a path of continuous curvature down road, abandon lane centering algorithm. In right hand curves, autopilot frequently disconnects as it crosses the centerline into oncoming traffic, this is usually due to turn lanes disappearing and car moving left into right hand curve, very dangerous.
  2. When lanes merge, turn lanes appear; car needs to pick either the left or right lane stripe and abandon the lane centering algorithm. Car jerks all over left right as it proceeds down the road, it is unnerving.
  3. When car approaches slower car in front and it starts breaking, the car doesn’t start slowing down when the break lights appear, result is the car emergency breaks. Drives like my wife, very irritating.
  4. Residential streets, car sits middle of what it thinks is a wide lane when that is not true and the car needs to allow for the width of parked cars, so car needs to hug center.