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Beeping from rear speaker

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Just got my car back from service today after having a leak in the frunk, acc disabling , and a rear driver door seal that seemed to be seated incorrectly fixed. When I got it back I noticed some wind noise coming from the passenger driver door, the dash rattling when ac is on, and then now this. The rear passenger door speaker was emitting this high pitched beep, anyone have this happen? Rebooting center console seemed to resolve it. Top all of it off , I cracked my windshield on the way home.. what a day.

Here is a clip with wind noise in the background...
teslawindnoiseandbeep.aac - Google Drive

And one without
teslabeep.aac - Google Drive
i also got that while driving on the freeway. the car is only a few weeks old so i wasn't sure if it was "normal" or what but i pulled over and as soon as the parking sensor went off, it eliminated the sound. i should have thought to just reboot the center display. it was a bit nerve racking at first -- thought the car was going to blow up (kidding)

curious to see what it is or how it is caused...

this person has reported it as well: Strange Proximity Sensor Behavior