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Black seats in hot climate?

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I have black textile seats... The seat temp (including the pleather) is never an issue. Sometimes the air inside gets quite hot, but the seats, no.
No Pano if you were wondering. Medium tint on my windows, this may be helping.
I have tan seats in San Diego, I agree with @Khatsalano, its hard to find out if you use pre-cooling, but that being said, I've never had hot seats except for the time I drove to Palm Springs for the week and left my phone. I must say the tan seats were hot that day.
Precool is THE SAVIOR! It really is my favorite thing about the car when not thinking about driving and such. And my friends are truly amazed when they open the door and the car is 65 when it's 100 outside. Pretty neat.

I used to only have black on black cars. No longer. They are way to hot for me. I now have Midnight Silver Metallic (Steel Grey, back in the day) on Beige. Still hot, but not so bad. Thinking about the tint...
If parked with sun coming in the windscreen on a hot (90+F) day in NorCal, yes black next gen seats are HOT to touch when wearing shorts.
Just turn on cooling a few minutes beforehand and its fine - or wait 10 seconds and its not an issue.

Its no worse than any other car.
Atlanta, 3 months with my all black MS, no regrets except showing more dirt on the carpet. I do have good ceramic tint.

Worst so far was when I left it in the sun for 5 hours on a hot day. The app said it was over 120 inside, but it was cool when I got there 10min later.