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Bring my Model X home from China? Is it possible?

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Hey everyone! Just wondering if you've heard of anyone who had a Tesla overseas (specifically in China) and had to move back to the States and brought the car back with them?

It was like jumping through flaming hula-hoops to even get a car in China, but I did it, and now am stuck with a Model X in China and I'm here in the states. I have a Model S here, also, but I'd love to not have to go back to China just to try and sell it... and I miss my X!

Charging is different and I know the warranty won't carry over for sure. But I'm just asking "is it even possible?"
"is it even possible?"

I don't see why not. You can google:

Shipping a Car from China to the USA

and there will be quite a few companies who will be glad to do that for you.

It might be more economical to sell it in China so you can skip the headache of paperwork and all the fees.

Also, as you said, I don't know how to make China charging port to work with USA household electricity. China uses 220V or 380V 50Hz while the USA uses 120V or 240V 60Hz.
I have not seen an adapter that allowed a J1772 or TS02 EVSE to charge a China Tesla with GB/T charge port. Without finding or making one, there would be no way to charge your car in North America.

Supercharging would be impossible. Even if you don’t plan to use Superchargers, this would hurt your resale value.

Even though it was built here, it was for the Chinese market which might mean other components are different other than just the charger. Your biggest challenge will be proving that it meets federal safety standards before you would be allowed to register it.
Also consider service. I’ve called Tesla to see if I could ship a car to Europe, they told me no supercharging and no service support.

While the need for electronic compatibility makes sense, wish they would offer adaptors and still provide service support to make these cars more global. Likely a very small percentage of owners would actually ship there cars around though.