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Can I just confirm whether full self driving on the 3 is transferable to a new owner

I thought the purchased full self driving pack was not transferable but this article seems to indicate it is:

Does Autopilot/Full Self-Driving Transfer to Subsequent Owners? | Only Used Tesla

In the case of a private sale, do these features transfer to subsequent owners?

The short answer is yes. If a Tesla is equipped with Autopilot and/or Full Self-Driving Capability, it will include those features for the lifetime of the car. Prospective buyers can verify these features are included by checking the Monroney sticker for the car.”
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Yes It goes with the car,

The ONLY thing that was not transferable was Free supercharging from ~2017 cars onwards as that follows the owner not the car.
Pre 2017 cars the free supercharging followed the car to any owner.

Actually that's not true. If the car passes through a "Dealer" it may lose free supercharging from even the older cars.
Needs to stay "Private Party Sale".

Also any car that passes through Tesla's hands, they can add or remove anything they wish.
I seem to remember there was a period when new S/X didn’t come with free charging, but trading owners could get it on the new car.
Perhaps my dream had some basis in reality? They frequently do!

I've never seen that.

Older cars it stays with car, for life as long as it stays private party to private party transfers.
Once it goes through a dealer (including Tesla) all bets are off. Partly depends on how Title and Reg was handled.

There was a period with no Free SC.

Then it went to Free SC to the first owner. That's what I have. If I sell it or trade it, it's gone.

Once in Tesla's hands they can do what ever they want but they tend to not give it away.