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Canada Invites?

I haven't been on this forum for the past few weeks so this may have been asked and answered, but how is it that another country, even Canada, gets to start configuring their Model 3's before Everyone in the U.S. is finished??

Read this on Electrek: First look at Tesla Model 3 Canadian configurator with price structure and availability

Really? What am I missing?

GM and Ford only service the US first? Tesla may be based in the US but it’s an international company
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It's called Free Trade. Canada's doing its part in supporting US jobs, which enable US citizens to buy nice cars like the Tesla Model 3. That's the idea.

Really? Do you have anything to base this fantasy idea on?

The more likely explanation is that Tesla is going to deliver to Canada in order to delay delivery of the 200,000th car in the USA so that the full $7500 tax credit is extended to the end of 2018.
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I guess you dont know much about nafta or the auto industry....

So you think that Tesla is "rewarding" Canadian customers because they have Canadian parts suppliers? This makes no sense. Tesla have suppliers from Mexico, where are the Mexico Model 3 deliveries?

The most likely explanation for Tesla to prioritize Canadian reservations is to delay the 200K delivery of US vehicles. There are also Canadian tax incentives that are ending soon and Tesla might be trying to get their cars in the hands of those customers before the deadline.

Rather than throw down your "you don't understand" garbage maybe you could articulate specifically why you think Tesla is moving Canadian delivery estimates up when US reservation holders have seen their reservation windows moving back?

Elon Musk himself has tweeted that Tesla would attempt to game the system in order to allow the maximum possible number of reservation holders to take advantage of the US Federal Tax credit.


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Whoa whoa never said they are rewarding Canada. if you look at every other american manufacturer, due to Nafta, they dont treat "america first" cars go where cars sell, does the credit system have a part in it? of course, but its not like tesla was going to serve every american first until finally releasing to other countries. thats idiotic.

Tesla is actually re-prioritizing Canadian reservation holders and their estimated delivery times are moving up where as for most American reservation holders their delivery dates have only moved back.

This has nothing to do with NAFTA in my opinion. If you'd like to claim otherwise please use these things called facts to discuss it.

I provided a tweet from Musk himself that shows they would consider taking a hit in US deliveries in order to maximize the number of customers who would get the tax benefit.

Your turn.
I think ramping up AWD deliveries for Canada first also allow them to get out as many AWD varients to US customers before the full tax credit expires. Its great they are doing this, but i really want to see my config invite also, as i waited in line on the west coast and have not.
Been a Canadian member for a while but this is my first post. The reason: I got my invitation to configure today, more than six months earlier than expected! My problem: I want the dual motor (ideally the performance version) but if I wait until those options are available I'm probably going to lose the $14,000 government rebate that's currently offered (it will probably expire when after the forthcoming June election here). Decisions, decisions...