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Cellular signal boosters

Discussion in 'Model X' started by VerityZooms, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. VerityZooms

    VerityZooms Member

    Apr 19, 2016
    Chicago, IL
    I'm curious whether anyone on here has installed a cellular signal-booster in a Model X, yet? (Or even if you have any experience with previous vehicles.)

    Some questions:

    1. How effective have you found it to be? Was it worth the money? (especially the 4G / LTE-compatible ones, running $US 350 and up!)
    2. Do you think the more-powerful models (i.e. the WeBoost Drive 4G-X vs. the WeBoost Drive 4G-M, with a difference of $US 100) are worth it?
    3. Where, inside the cabin, did you install the slim repeater antenna? I've heard from other locations that the signal-boost is negligible if the receiving device is more than a few inches from the booster-antenna … which is really terrible. I'm tentatively thinking of installing it on top of the steering-column, so it's close to where I mount my phone …
    4. Relatedly, where, on the body of the car, did you mount the antenna? I saw Model S owner installed his ducky-antenna somewhere under the nose-cone; and I'm considering doing the same … but, I think I might install a third-party 12" antenna exterior to the car, despite that marring the clean lines, to improve the effectiveness of this investment …
    5. and finally: does anybody know where my installer can draw switched 12V DC power? I don't want a cellular-booster draining the 12V system when my car's sitting in the garage -_-
    (Since Teslas already have LTE antennas, I'm honestly a little surprised this isn't an included feature: large antenna built into the car for its' own use; optional upgrade to attach that antenna to a booster, and pipe it to an internal repeater in the cabin. “My phone always has five bars inside my Tesla!”)

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