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Chademo adapter not communicate

I recently purchased a Chademo adapter from Tesla and used only once last Friday. But when I tried to charge with the adapter again today. It could not start the charging and just stopped. The charger screen showed it can not communicate with the vehicle. I tested two different DC charging station but all failed (Installed by Electric Vehicle Institute). Since my car still can be charged using normal Tesla charger and J-1722, I don't know whether it's my adaptor's issue or just bad luck that all station could not recognize Tesla?

There are two ways to use the CHAdeMO adapter. The first is to plug the adapter in the car first, and then plug the charger to the adapter. The second is to plug the adapter to the charger cable first, and then plug that into the car. Both methods might work depending on the charger, I believe the Tesla manual says you should try both. Have you tried both?
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Two things:

Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter is very sticky when you try to connect it to the chargers. I almost always have to put the charger on my knee and slam the adapter down hard to get a *click* sound, which means the two are connected. Sometimes a few attempts. Without the *click*, it means the two are not fully connected, and there will be an error.

Believe it or not, the CHAdeMO adapter has firmware updates that are done by Tesla service center. Make sure you have the latest firmware.

Good luck!
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