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Charging in Oceanside CA

Heading to oceanside from Gilbert as. Will need to charge a couple times while there. Closest supercharger is 30 min away from the condo. Anyone been there that can give insite to charging? Or is the supercharger the only way to go. Not sure if I'll have any access to charge at the condo. Thanks.
Are you referring to the San Clemente supercharger? It’s new and rarely crowded, at least the 4 times I had to charge through the course of a long weekend last month. It’s conveniently located in an outlet mall with restaurants, so good way to stretch your legs and plan around a meal.
It's supposed to say Gilbert AZ. Yeah, I saw that app. Im on it and have my charger listed. I have one on the outside of my garage that I listed for use. I have messaged a guy on there that is right next to our condo in CA. I see the 2 superchargers about 30 min away. One to the north and one to the south. But I don't know. I was hoping someone would say that there is a secret charger in oceanside or something. I'm not really that worried about it but my wife is a little. Oceanside seems like a popular place to vacation to. I was a little surprised to not see a supercharger there.
Just fyi, the SC to the North in San Clemente is a WAY better bet than the one to the South. I can't emphasize this enough.

The area is severely lacking in Super Chargers, several are planned and even permit applied for, but nothing yet.

If you have a CHAdeMO adapter, you can charge @ 1401 Carmelo Drive, Oceanside, CA 92054. Otherwise, follow the advice above to find J1772 plugs.
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I wouldn't attempt going to the San Diego one unless it's odd hours. It's frequently so busy there is a line of cars waiting in a line to get in.

I would say go north like others have mentioned, or use the plugshare and see if someone is willing to let you charge. Also (it's not that close) there is Volta chargers which are free. Just download the Volta app to see the locations.
If your route is I-10W to 60W to 215S to 15S to 76W, then I suggest you top off at Temecula SC. It is on the 3rd floor of the mall parking garage, an though sometimes busy, rarely do you have to wait for a slot.

As long as you fill up in Temecula you should have plenty of charge to do lots of driving. During your vacation if you find yourself going north, or if you need more electrons, then head up to San Clemente SC. You and your wife can stroll through the outlet mall.

If you find yourself heading to San Diego, then go to Fashion Valley Mall where the Tesla Store is. Call ahead and make sure they know you are visiting from AZ and wish to charge while visiting the mall. They should be able to help you.

In Oceanside I used to charge my Leaf at the Nissan Dealer. I have even used their J1772 to charge up our Tesla a couple of times. Because of the time required, I have only done that when I had to drop off my wife somewhere close by, then waited for her to finish while charging. Call ahead if you wish to use it to find out the status and ask permission. So far they always say yes. I have even used Nissan dealers on my cross country trip in both GA and FL when a SC was not convenient. In both cases these dealers also said yes.