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Continental PureContact LS vs Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II

I'm looking to replace the 19" OEM Goodyear Eagle Touring tires on my MS Raven LR.

I've done a lot of research and narrowed it down to these two choices:
  • Continental PureContact LS
  • Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II (note: Quite different from the original P7 AS)
I've seen mixed reviews on the P7 AS2s. Some people LOVE their comfort and efficiency while others say their efficiency has completely tanked since putting them on. However, it looks like most people that complain about the efficiency have just put them on and haven't broken them in yet. I've only seen one person say good things about the efficiency, noting that they're just as good as OEMs but better in every other aspect.

So - has anyone had the P7 AS 2s on for a while that can comment on their efficiency after being broken in?

They're my preferred tire, but my fallback is the Conti PureContact LS since those seem to be universally recommended - though their TireRack scores are nowhere near as good as the Pirellis.

If I missed anything, please feel free to suggest another alternative.

I'm looking for the best all season tire to replace the 245/45/19 OEMs. I don't need snow traction since I live in Texas, and I don't want summers because it does get cold in the winter.

I know everyone recommends Pilot Sport 4 AS, but from my understanding (which I may be wrong, so please correct me), they're exceptionally good performers but compromise ride comfort. My priorities are ride comfort, noise, and efficiency.
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Which do you prefer the two, and why?

Apples and oranges since we use the Bolt for around town driving and the Model S for long distance freeway commuting. Both have a 70,000 mile warranty, which was a big factor for me. Our priorities may not be the same, either -- I didn't mind a small drop in efficiency for increased treadlife with preserved ride and handling. That and I couldn't get the OEM Primacy in the 245/40/20. My driving style is smooth with plenty of high speed cruising in the mornings if that helps, no jackrabbit starts or hard cornering.
I just posted my initial review of the Pirelli's on my 2018 M3 19" as well. Check it out

I just posted my initial review of the Pirelli's on my 2018 M3 19" as well. Check it out

This convinced me to just go with the Pirellis, thank you.

I wonder why you and a couple others aren't seeing massive efficiency losses while others are.
This convinced me to just go with the Pirellis, thank you.

I wonder why you and a couple others aren't seeing massive efficiency losses while others are.
Yeah I'm not sure why. I didnt notice that they mentioned they got an alignment as well. I've always got an alignment when getting new tires. So I've been kind of attributing the good efficiency to that
I recently replaced the OEM 19" Goodyear tires (only got 19K miles and done) with these Pirellis. I had the car aligned with the new tires installation. 1000 miles in here are my thoughts (2015 S85 RWD):
* Definitely a noticeable efficiency loss. With the Goodyear tires I was getting ~275 Whr/mile. ~285 Whr/mile with the Pirellis. Same driving routes and patterns and tires always inflated to 45psi.
* The Pirellis seem more "connected" to the road than the Goodyears did.
* Road noise seems about the same for both.

Overall I'm happy with them and look forward to much longer tire life or at least a reasonable treadlife warranty credit...
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I recently replaced 19" OEM wheels and OEM Conti ProContact tires with 18" Enkei TFR wheels and Pirelli P7 Cinturato All Season Plus II tires. New setup is silent. Ride is more comfortable and pavement imperfections seem to disappear. Can't judge handling as I don't drive aggressively. Efficiency is slightly better around town, but I haven't taken a long trip yet.
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The Pirelli tires are 4lbs heavier than the Continentals. That’s probably causing the efficiency drop for some.
I’m debating the two for my ‘18 Model 3 and, while the Pirelli rate better, they’re likely not as efficient as the Continentals.
Man I wish Tirerack would do an efficiency test on all these tires with a Tesla.
i got Pirellis in April to replace MXM4s On MS.
they handle better, are quieter, more comfortable, probably will last longer, and are more efficient by around 5%.
but…they made me feel unsafe. Every time I looked away from the road, and I mean for split second, car was going into another lane. Very evident on freeway, and it gave me a feeling of instability in a 4400lb car. This was the worst on the roads that have groves in them (Think when tile is being installed, that type of road). Mind you, the car never pulled anywhere but just feeling like the tiniest thing can change it’s direction. Fast forward to first rotation, and the car starts to pull heavily to one side. Tire place swapped front to back on that side, and pulling stopped. They ordered a replacement tire, but before replacing it I told them I was still bothered by the feeling these tires gave me. Another analogy came to mind, it was like a boat, just constantly moving (sideways) never still. I have not had any issues like that with MXMs, or any other car or tire set I’ve ever owned. I never felt anything like this in any car I owned. At times it downright felt dangerous. Yes the car had alignment shortly before trie replacement.
So the shop offered to check with Pirelli if they can do some kind of warranty credit, but Pireli never returned their calls, according to the shop, so they said they’ll do goodwill credit for a new set. I m happy. Big kudos to the store for this offer, I’m very grateful. I do not think Pirellis are bad tires, but either this particular set or something else is not gelling with my car. Or possibly it is bc they are a LRR tire. I’m bummed bc other than that I really felt that other aspects were such an improvement over OEMs. But back to the same problem. MXMs, crosslimate2 or contis…
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Quick update on the consumption for these.

I was averaging 275 Wh/Mi on the OEM Goodyears.

After 7,000 on these Pirellis, I'm averaging 289 Wh/Mi - with the caveat that a lot of that mileage has been highway driving/roadtrips around 75-80MPH.

So all in all, the consumption isn't that much higher than OEM tires. I think it's higher in city/stop and go driving, due to the extra weight, but it'll average out with highway driving so the total efficiency loss isn't so dramatic.
Go to Tire Rack and search. They may still have it up. The difference among the tires tested was insignificant. It was a test of 4 grand touring tires.
Sorry I get annoyed with these kinds of posts. If you had it before, it takes a few seconds or minutes at most to help people out. I did my own searching and didn't find a test with the Cinturato P7 AS Plus IIs in the fuel economy test.

Here's their review of the tire against others: https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/testDisplay.jsp?ttid=261

And it explicitly says:

Fuel Consumption Results​

Due to the limited number of drivers participating in our 2020 testing as a result of the global pandemic, the sample size was not large enough to provide reliable fuel consumption data.
went with cross climate 2 this year and they are decent in snow and wet. considering vledestien quadtrak vs extreme contact dws06+ vs pure contact ls next go around...I have another set of rims so may just get one of these 3 and put on rims and change out later...or wait till warranty tire kicks in on the cross climates when down far enough.
Anyone have opinions on these 3?
I just purchase the Continental Purecontact LS from P7 Gen 1 and P7 II. This continental are way more efficient than the P7. On my Model S 19” I was getting 315-325kw average in both P series. Now with the continental I am getting 270-290 and this is fun driving.
wow thats huge.....i dont know what the cross climate 2 is on my car- never figgured it out yet..

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