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Cost of Operating Model S

Discussion in 'Model S' started by boonedocks, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. boonedocks

    boonedocks Member

    May 1, 2015
    Gainesville, GA
    I know there have been many threads of how much electricity costs to operate the Model S and how much to expect your bill to go up. I have a little different take on cost to operate and wanted to share.

    I live in Atlanta and drive on a long stretch of expressway were we have a PayPerUse lane called PeachPass. It saves quite a bit of time in heavy traffic and can the price changes accordingly. I use it every day and have since it opened. In Atlanta, the PeachPass lane and the HOV lane are open to BEV free to use and in the HOV lane a single occupant may drive in it.

    My power company is Jackson EMC and we have an EV tariff rate which I also take advantage of. So are the interesting numbers. For last month, and for the last 3 months almost the exact same #'s here are the results (keep in mind I did not take delivery of my Model S until June 2015 and these #'s are from March 2016):

    Cost of electricity per day March 2015: $9.60
    Cost of electricity per day March 2016: $9.83
    So for 31 days I paid $6.90 in extra electricity charges from the same month a year ago.

    PeachPass fees for March 2016: $96.41 which is charged and reversed daily for their accounting

    $96.41 - $6.90 = I netted $89.51 in the PLUS in the month of March.

    Just wanted to share another way of looking at cost of operation.

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