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CPO delivery delayed - paint issue?

hey guys! Need your advice on how we can make Tesla compensate some of our losses because of their negligence...

We purchased a 2018 model 3 CPOa month ago. The car was at our local delivery center. Our delivery contact said there was a paint issue that they need to work on three weeks ago and rescheduled our delivery.. she got back to us again and said that there’s more paint issue that they need time to work on.. our delivery got rescheduled to a week later again. They didn’t provide any details and just told us that the paint issue is not reflected in the product pictures...

1) I’m concerned and curious what kind of paint issue it could be to take forever to repair?
2) I’m very pissed about it since we have car loan check approved and started paying interest but still couldn’t have the car.. I sold my old car and have to Uber for my commute ($40/day)
3) This delay is on top of a price hike of 14% of our order price due to a pricing glitch...

Overall the customer service is slow and irresponsive. I hope to get advice on how to escalate.. we really hope Tesla can do something about it.
This is why I would never buy a used car from Tesla unless it happened to be local and I could inspect it thoroughly before committing.

They can repaint the entire car in a day so it sounds like it’s just typical Tesla dysfunction acting up here. Have you considered asking for a loaner until they can deliver your car to you? I did that when I went to pick up my new Model 3 and had to reject it due to excessive panel gaps. They gave me a loaner Model S for two weeks while I waited for them to build a new Model 3 for me.
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