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  1. Y

    Rusty leaks from the pipe damaged car painting

    Hi there, Recently I found my model's frunk hood painting got damaged by the rusty leaks from a pipe, do you know if it's repairable via a DIY way or I have to go to tesla service? I have tired to wipe it off by myself, but feels like there are already some chemical reactions happened to the...
  2. fasteddie7

    What a crazy night! First highland, then model S and X drop to the cheapest I’ve seen yet with free paint colors!

    Crazy night. Highland dropped, then model S and X drop to crazy low prices with free paint colors and the X now qualifies for the tax credit!
  3. A

    Scratched black paint - fix it or forget it?

    I noticed some small scratches on the rear passenger side of my month old MY. Not sure when it happened, how it happened, or even what it is. The direction seems to be going away from the rear wheel, which would indicate to me that someone grazed me when they were leaving their space (I usually...
  4. C

    Touch up paint for 20” inductions

    Does anyone have a good colour match for the induction wheels? Finally curbed my inductions and looking to sand it down and touch up the paint Thanks!
  5. M

    Painted Emblems?

    I’m looking to get the front and rear emblems painted on my Model Y. I want to keep the factory emblems but I just want to have the “T” and the “Dual Motor” painted solid black (or maybe a matte bronze, haven’t decided yet). I don’t like the stick-on covers I see online as they make the emblem...
  6. M

    Bodywork/Paint - Hampshire

    Hi all, I’m in my third month of owning my M3LR which I bought second-hand with 35k miles on the clock. Enjoying the car! I’ve had a few issues that I’d like to resolve and would love your advice. First is that I managed to scrape the lowest part of the front right bumper on a stack of bricks...
  7. D

    How good is the match with a replacement factory-painted fascia?

    Took delivery of a white Model Y this week and noticed the front bumper/fascia has blotchy/mottled paint. The effect of this is the front of the car looks dirty even when it's clean. I only noticed it in ambient light, otherwise I would have possibly rejected the delivery. I returned to the...
  8. T

    painting fascia boards covered by solar roof

    I am in the process of painting the exterior of the house that currently has solar roof installed approx. 2 years ago. Are there an roof anchor points on the solar roof where the painter can safely secure himself? If not, what are other options? There are aluminum flashings around the edges...
  9. Sanderpman12

    Best way to fix this?

    My mirror is chipping. How much would tesla charge. What are my other options Thanks
  10. G

    Trolley hit my rear bumper :(. Easiest fix?

    My car was parked in a car park and a runaway trolley ended up hitting my rear bumper when it was windy. :( Any ideas how to fix easiest and not crazy expensive? The main thing that annoys me is the part circled as the paint has come up and it looks like a dirty mark. Would touch up paint...
  11. R

    Deep scratch on bumper, worth trying to fix myself?

    While pulling out of my garage I managed to scrape the front bumper on the wall corner :( The scratch is around 3 inches long but quite deep. Is this worth trying to fix myself using the paint repair kit? (5-10 coats or so?) Does anyone know how much a damage like this would cost to fix at a...
  12. M

    DIY Model Y - 20 Induction Rim Repair UK

    Hi all, I've had the inevitable rim rash occur. Has anyone had any success finding matching (or very close to) spray paint that would match the 20' inch Induction rims on the MY? I've seen quite a few videos in the US that show some great DIY results, however, the paints they use (Rust-Oleum...
  13. dwahl

    Powder Coating Model 3 20" Überturbine Wheel

    Looking for suggestions for businesses in Southern California who provide Powder Coating for Model 3 20" Überturbine Wheels.
  14. hirtaza

    Model 3 - post your painted calipers!!

    Just picked up my Model 3 MSM and looking to get my brake calipers painted (was thinking of going with Acid Green) as not alot of people have it…which led me to think about other colors people might have opted for. Feel free to post your painted calipers below: would love to see what people got
  15. K

    What is going on with my rear quarter panel clear coat paint?

    After washing the car, we noticed the driver rear quarter panel had what appeared to be condensation on the paint. Upon closer inspection; it wasn't going away. A week goes by, we wash the car again. We thought it might have been residue leftover from the previous wash. After washing the car...
  16. milesr3

    Überturbine touch-up paint match

    In the first six months of ownership I’ve managed to graze/kerb my überturbines three times. They really are ridiculously easy to damage. Anyway, I couldn’t find anyone online in the UK selling matching paint and the Tesla Sonic Carbon paint I ordered via Amazon was too light. In the end I...
  17. V

    Odd reflection line on trunk

    Have a 2021 Model 3. Noticed that when light falls at a certain angle onto rear of the car, there is an odd reflection line below the edge of the trunk. At first when saw this in sunlight I thought there is some issue with lower layer of paint causing light to reflect differently. Later in other...
  18. 8

    Like your black Model Y?

    I have an opportunity to buy a black 2022 LRMY freshly delivered, not used, for about $1000 more than my late July- late August EDD for my preferred blue color. I do live in a warm climate, but blue is pretty dark, too. I’ve never owned a black car and am feeling a bit reluctant about getting...
  19. 1plavs

    First scratch on the MYP

    My first scratch on the MYP, what are my best options. Can I try something available locally via ordering touch up paint online? Or should I try a scratch remover?
  20. D

    Paint scratches from minor accident; claim worth it?

    Hello folks, I got rear ended/rear swiped at a measily 2-3mph this morning from a driver who wasn't paying attention. For a bit more context, I was at a stop sign at a two way intersection waiting to make a right, and as I was waiting for the oncoming car, the driver behind me decided to move...
  21. J

    Paint flaws in new model Y

  22. A

    Paint Repair and Coating in Houston?

    Hello, I live in south Houston, TX and am trying to find a reputable place to get my 2020 Model 3/metallic blue paint repaired (there are a few chips) and get a permanent PPF if possible. Does anyone know of a place that they've been to/recommend? Willing to go to other parts of town if needed...
  23. R

    Powder Coating 19 inch sport wheels

    Hi all- I know this topic has been discussed before but I couldn’t find any recent dialogue on the topic. Has anybody powder coated their 19 inch sport rims recently? If so what color did you go with. I’m considering a satin/semi gloss black but just digging around before making a decision...
  24. Jasian22

    119 Miles And Paint Chipped Already

    With 2022 seeming to be a huge year for Tesla in the UK, I think a lot of people will be picking up paint chips in their first year... Me unfortunately being one of them. 119 miles on the odometer and somehow I've managed to pick up a paint chip on the rear bumper just below the lip where the...
  25. N

    Third party paint protection film alternatives?

    I just bought a new model 3 and was advised to get the film protection for the bottom of the car. I noticed it's sold out on Tesla's website and was told it will be a while before it's back in stock. Are there any 3rd party alternatives recommended? I found a lot on Amazon but don't know...
  26. Falcon20

    Paint Peeling/Flaking? Obsidian Black Metallic

    Ever since I have owned my model S (almost 2 years) I have noticed that the paint on the front bumper is starting to peel in some locations. The car is a 2017 MS which was purchased from the used Tesla website back in August of 2020. There is some peeling near the edge of the wheel arches...
  27. I

    Model Y Came With Scratched/Etched Paint, What are my options?

    Hello! I took delivery of my Model Y on February 21st 2022. It’s black and had 15 miles on the ODOM. When we arrived at the showroom the car was being wiped down and the whole showroom was huddled around the car, they then pull it into the maintenance/detail area and started trying to buff out a...
  28. J

    Paint Repair Kit Deep Blue Metallic (PPSB) - New

    Hello. I sold my Model Y and thankfully did not need to use the oem paint repair kit. I purchased the paint kit from Tesla, which retails it for $60 plus tax. Kit was never used and I am asking for $50 shipped. Thanks
  29. N

    How to fix this paint?

    Can this be fixed with the Tesla paint repair kit? How much should I order 1 oz/2 oz?
  30. J

    Purple or blue Colored calipers?

    Anyone have recommendations on ones to purchase for 2016 Model X or a caliper paint they trust in blue or preferably purple. Thanks in advance!
  31. P

    Tesla Model X prep work

    I am getting ready to receive my Model X next month. Wanted to do some pre ground work and be ready for my delivery. As part of this I ordered a few things and have a few questions, any suggestions would really help. Bought - All weather mats, cable organizer, Gen 2 Nema adapter. Any other...
  32. E

    Msm color mismatch

    Am I crazy with this color mismatch? Are my eyes deceiving me? I’ve taken it to Tesla service and they said it’s because the materials are different and it’s also likely just the lighting. I’ve looked at other MY and I’ve seen some with the same issue, and some without. Thoughts?
  33. TPerth

    Rear passenger inner door frame scratches.

    Does anyone happen to have these scratches on the inside of the rear door frames about 20cm above the latch? I've took it in to the service center twice to have it fixed but all they've done is just touch it up. Now I'm told it's not a warranty item because the demo cars have the same scratches...
  34. O

    Spots on pearl white paint

    I recently found a few small spots on the paint of my Model Y. Color is pearl white (PPSW). Thus, far I tried using Meguiar's car wash, Quik Detailer, and ScratchX, as well as Adam's Iron Remover... to no avail. Anyone has found similar stains on their car? If so, any luck removing them? Thanks...
  35. Totallynotmike

    How to protect fresh paint for 30 days?

    I'm in the process of getting my bumper and front aeroshield replaced after a porky raccoon decided to unalive itself at highway speeds I'm left with a problem. The 30 days it takes to take the paint to cure and the application of paint protection film. I drive a lot 150 miles a day on the...
  36. Glenn T

    Got Y today and freakage accident same day

    Yes, got the Y delivered today and had a freakage accident, where I was going out of a Trader Joe’s and a vehicle in a different lane, cut over two lanes to get into a gas station. this action side swiped the Y’s front bumper scrapping the paint, but not denting it. I’m not sure who’s actual...
  37. plasmo

    Opinions on this paint defect

    Picked up my new red MYLR yesterday. Just noticed this paint defect now which is posted in photo. Located on drivers side. You can feel it, which feels like a slightly raised piece of sand. Otherwise the vehicle appears flawless. I can live with it but can it be fixed easily?
  38. Shpigford

    Importance of fixing large scratches before reselling 2021 MX?

    We've had our 2021 Model X LR+ for 8 months and after multiple issues (most recent of which has our Tesla getting towed 2.5 hours away to a service center after it just...died), I'm just about done with it and ready to move on from Tesla. We've got a couple of pretty substantial scratches on...
  39. B

    How to make the paint *Shine*

    I have a red Y coming to replace my 3 I sold, and I'm interested in making the Y's paint look *awesome*. My 3's factory paint looked very good but even an amateur like me could see some orange peel and the finish had no "depth"(?). I've started noticing that it's possible for cars to look like...
  40. N

    Where Do Rock Chips Impact the M3 the Most?

    Hey guys, my M3 got delivered recently and I've been reading all these opinions on PPF ever since. I have a white M3 and I'm worried about PPF discoloration in the future (~5 years) and the fact that it's supposed to be basically taken off at some point (5-10 years) and reapplied (pain in the...
  41. S

    Model Y - Read doors chips damage - Repair

    After 20k miles Model Y rear doors look like that: A bit too late, but decided to install Model Y Paint Protection Film (Model Y Paint Protection Film), but first I had to do something with damaged paint. In attempt of avoiding expensive door re-painting tried Tesla paint repair kit ($55...
  42. Mm2021

    Tesla Heathrow Service Center Detailers Experience

    Hi everyone, So I collected my Tesla model 3 just over a week ago, took it straight to a detailers for PPF and the detailer found multiple etch marks from bird droppings and two deep scratches amongst many other paint defects that my untrained eyes failed to spot in the rain on collection day. I...
  43. C

    Model 3 Paint Quality Issues?

    I have had my car just over 2.5 weeks now, and have noticed an issue with the paint on the bonnet/frunk lid. I have what appears to be a faded patch / fault in the paint. I have asked a detailer to record the paint depths, and have attached pictures and their recordings to this post. I'd be...
  44. D

    Blue Paint, Model Y

    Hi all, Just moved over here from the now inactive Tesla forums. I looked over Tesla's new "Engage" site, but there doesn't seem to be much "there" there. Look forward to participating in this community! I took delivery of my MY in November 2020. In short, love the car. However, I'm...
  45. D

    Paint protection film

    Hey guys! Just ordered my model 3 and i can’t wait to recueve it! That being said, i want to protect it as much as possible. Any recommendation on clear protection films from amazon or company? Im from Montreal (Quebec, Canada) also, what would be the most important areas to protect? thanks!
  46. T

    2021 Model 3 Problems

    First off, I want to love my M3P. This is my first Tesla, and I took delivery of it on 23 Dec. Upon delivery, there were a couple issues. Minor scratch/gouge on front bumper, spoiler wasn't stuck on well, and after getting home, realized there was some type of overspray on all of the glass...
  47. T

    Model 3 Paint (Ice Scraper Damage)

    Hey all, just trying to get a real sense of how I should feel after I damaged the paint on my Tesla Model 3 Performance (2021)... Saved up for 7 years just to give it scratches all over in the first blizzard :'D. Has missing paint inside the doors, underneath the frunk (hidden) etc. I love the...
  48. S

    Deer damage - D+V in sterling va?

    Anyone have any input on D+V as an autobody repair place in sterling va? An entire family of deer ran into the passenger side of my car and damaged just about every panel from front to back including scratching the frunk. Major dents in both front and rear quarter panels and the passenger...
  49. TheFuturist

    To PPF or not to PPF my M3P

    Hi all, So owing to the paint quality we have come to expect with Tesla’s (some of which I have read on this forum with Model 3s) I am seriously considering getting full PPF (Xpel) done on the vehicle. I have been quoted £3650+Vat for the full vehicle which includes full detail and ceramic...
  50. CoastalCruiser

    Has anyone taken delivery who ordered BLACK paint when BLACK was the base color?

    Just curious if Tesla honored the black color at no charge. Or did they offer you only white at no charge? Or did you have the option to take B or W at no charge? Sorry if this has been asked and answered. Kind of a hard question to search on!

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