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CPO program. Only pre-autopilot cars..

The CPO page offerings are only pre-autopilot cars at the moment.. Do you think Tesla will have to lower the price to sell those? They are still kinda expensive, sure you get a Tesla but I think many ppl will buy new instead bcs they want the features that Autopilot brings. Bet the ones that have the cash will upgrade to a new Tesla with autopilot and many more pre-autopilot will be on the market.

Would like to hear your thoughts..
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I purchased a loaner 60 with autopilot for a steal from the CPO page last month. Still qualified for the $7500 tax credit and got the $2000 referral credit from a friend (I live in Ohio where you get both halves). This 60 will hold me over until my P90D comes in the summer!
I agree that CPO prices really need to come down. Apparently people like drewgould can find sweet deals here and there, but most offers totally don't seem logical to me. I guess they make some sense if you can't take advantage of the $7500 tax credit, but I don't think many should be buying a Tesla if they can't take advantage of that. A couple of examples:

2014 60
No autopilot
$56,200 (or $66,200 if you add in the tax credit and CA rebate, $63,700 if you just add in the tax credit)
60 kWh Model S P40971 | Tesla Motors

About $14,000 more and you can get a brand-new 70 with autopilot and same add-ons specifically choose color & features....

2014 60
No autopilot
Panoramic roof
Sub-zero weather package
$60,500 ($68,000 if you add in the tax credit)
60 kWh Model S P43654 | Tesla Motors

About $10,000 more and you can get a brand-new 70 with autopilot and same add-ons and specifically choose color & features.

For me, these CPOs just don't make sense. I guess if you don't care about autopilot, the extra range or the quality improvements which Tesla has surely made in a year, having a new vs used vehicle, and/or the ability to select exactly the features you want (with CPOs, i basically would always end up with options i wouldn't have chosen)... but hard to imagine that a lot of people with the capability to buy a Model S don't value those things at $10,000/$14,000 or more....

I mean, I guess if you are trying to squeeze in the purchase or are just keen on "getting a deal" it can make sense, but doesn't for me.

Granted, I haven't looked at the higher-end Teslas and compared prices, but anyway, I imagine the willingness to pay more for new and exactly what you want increases as you go higher up the ladder.

But if the CPO cars are moving, no reason for Tesla to change... I'm just confused a bit how they are moving so well without the prices dropping more than they have. :D

But I do keep looking at the CPO prices with a bit of bewilderment.