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  1. C

    Stuck between VIN number and Insurance

    I'm a 2019 Model 3 owner (oh boy those were good times!) Buying process in 2024 (model Y) is giving me ulcers.... 1. [Me] I go online to add a new VIN on my Insurance provider (Metromile) 2. [Insurance] cannot find/add new VINs, it needs to be added manually and takes up to 5-10 business...
  2. danny

    Tesla's Massive Price Drops - Is this good or bad for the company? | TMC Podcast #32

    Tesla has applied massive price drops to its entire product line. While prospective owners are welcoming this, existing owners are taking a hit to their vehicles resale value. We ask if this is a good or bad sign for the health of the company. We also cover other topics such as Electrify America...
  3. S

    TSLA price target collection by retail and institutional analysts

    Hi, For fun and convenience I have created a little website with a collection of analysts TSLA price targets. It is an interactive report based on MS Power BI. You can sort and filter. Best experience is on larger screen devices. More to come. Feedback is appreciated TeslaPriceTargets.com...
  4. TMC Staff

    Elon Musk Tells Tesla Employees Profit Is Paramount: Cost-Cutting Is Key

    Tesla has shown a profit for five consecutive quarters, but Musk says it’s slim and must not slip. To the many people who have said Tesla’s stock is Elon Musk’s only concern, they may have been right, but only indirectly. Musk knows how important it is to continue to show a profit if Tesla is...
  5. willow_hiller

    The Investor's Dilemma: TSLA or Tesla

    I know a lot of investors in the main thread have expressed regret about selling shares to finance a vehicle purchase. Given the impending FSD price increase, I have a slightly cheaper dilemma on my hands, but a dilemma nonetheless: Would you sell shares to buy FSD? In my situation, I know my...
  6. ggr

    Wiki Analyst Price Targets for $TSLA

    WARNING: this thread is no longer being maintained. The data in it is stale as of 10/10/2020. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I thought this would be a useful resource to have and maintain. Thanks @dl003 and @Remster32 for the seed data. I've made it a...
  7. TMC Staff

    California: Tesla New Car Registrations In Q2 2020 Down 48%

    More than 60% of all new Tesla registrations in California were Model 3. According to the Cross-Sell data (via Reuters), Tesla new car registrations in the U.S. were severely affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in the second quarter of 2020. The total registrations in California have decreased by...
  8. TMC Staff

    Tesla's Elon Musk Makes Big Money Due To SEC Funding Secured Agreement

    It’s pretty ironic that the SEC’s punishment ended up indirectly generating over $50 million for Musk. If you follow the EV segment, and especially Tesla, you probably know all about the “420” situation, or should we say “funding secured”? Just in case it doesn’t ring a bell, we’ll briefly...
  9. TMC Staff

    Tesla Might Break Even In Q2: Musk Calls For All Hands On-Board

    “Breaking even is looking super tight.” According to Reuters, the second quarter of 2020 may not be totally lost for Tesla, as the company is close to breaking even in Q2, despite the fact that its main plant in Fremont, California was closed between March 23 and May 13 (more than six weeks)...
  10. M

    Call spread strategies for high returns and lower risk

    My core TSLA holdings are in shares and calls purchased awhile ago which I don't trade. However, I want to continue investing in TSLA even at elevated volatility and prices, without incurring too much risk. The high implied volatility has made naked calls too expensive, so calls spreads have...
  11. G

    Convertible note issue

    Hi I purchased these bonds in early 2019, bond 88160RAG6 expiring 2024. I have initiated conversion of the bond. I was told by Etrade that it would take 3 business days. It's now been 2 weeks and I still haven't received anything. Etrade just called me and said they have learned that it could...
  12. jkirkwood001

    POLL: When will Tesla pass VW to become the 2nd most valuable auto manufacturer?

    I've been blown away by the rapid rise in Tesla's market capitalization since June 1, 2018, especially in comparison to the other global auto manufacturers. I have posted regular updates in this forum. As of today Jan 7th, Tesla (TSLA) is worth $84.7 B. VW (VOW), the second most valuable auto...
  13. ggr

    Bond trading

    I bought some of Tesla's most recent convertible bonds. I haven't done much with bonds in general, and have a few questions. Here's what ETrade says about the bond: My first question is because I've tried to look it up and have conflicting answers. The coupon is 2%, and it's semi-annually...
  14. Cloxxki

    profitable for ‘all quarters going forward’

    Elon Musk says Tesla will be profitable for 'all quarters going forward' I know, everyone's favorite publication. It was the one that had the quote that came up first in Google. Something may have happened to make this far from reality. I don't need to drag all that up in this particular post...
  15. TMC Staff

    Citron Research Says Tesla Will Rebound From Stock Fall

    Believes critics are “over their skis.” The world of investment can be a strange place. That’s especially true when it comes to Tesla. Former bullish (positive) positions can turn bearish (negative). Former bearish positions become bullish. That’s the case in this particular instance. After...
  16. StealthP3D

    Barclays: Tesla is no Apple

    I think they mean AAPL is no TSLA!
  17. LargeHamCollider

    Taking Legal Action Against the SEC

    The SEC exists to protect shareholders and ensure fair markets. Instead of protecting shareholders, however, they have become a risk-factor for retail investors that needs to be planned for and mitigated. This state of affairs constitutes gross negligence on the part of the SEC. This post is...
  18. TMC Staff

    Will Tesla Report A Q1 Loss? Or A Tiny Profit?

    European customers are now really important for Tesla’s future The most recent message from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to employees about an upcoming reduction of full-time employees by about 7% and words that “the road ahead is very difficult” raised concerns about maintaining profitability by the...
  19. TMC Staff

    Blog Leading Tesla Investor Takes Big Stake In NIO

    Baillie Gifford & Co. owns a bit of Tesla and a bit of NIO. Once again we see that Tesla investors are not willing to stick all eggs in one basket in the area of electric vehicles. Recently, Tesla shareholder Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia invested in Lucid Motors. Now, Bloomberg...
  20. Woody17

    Production vs. Accepted Deliveries on M3

    Hello Fellow TMC-ers. As I see more and more M3s on the road in my town, I keep pondering on the idea that while Tesla may be able to produce 20k+ M3 a month, are 20k+ customers taking delivery on the Long Range M3? Is there any possibility that the cars are being stockpiled as many customers...
  21. Opus BC fan

    The Tesla FUDge Factory is Now Open

    This is a duplicate of a post in the Tesla General Forum There is a lot that comes down from high on Bullshit Mountain. What has amazed me for the last 48 hours is how every piece of positive news on Tesla was dissected, repackaged and presented as a negative. Rather than reading it all and...
  22. S

    First quarter 2018 deliveries

    Last month of the quarter, so it is guessing time. For additional bonus points, add a message with your S/X/3 breakdown! I'll start : 13 000 Model S 11 000 Model X 7 000 Model 3
  23. R

    Tesla, Tariffs, and Trade Wars

    It seems clear that Trump's assertiveness on trade is net beneficial for Tesla, even though there could be some short-term dislocation impacts. The context is that Trump announced a 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum imported into the United States. Model S and Model X primarily...
  24. mblakele

    Economist: German cars have the most to lose from a changing auto industry

    From this week's Economist: German cars have the most to lose from a changing auto industry The article mentions Tesla once or twice, and talks about mobility services as well as the rise of EVs and the decline of diesel. No truly novel content, but seems to be a good summary of the current...
  25. ValueAnalyst

    When Will Tesla Sustainably Produce 5,000 Model 3's Per Week?

    In which quarter do you expect Tesla to finally reach a sustainable (as opposed to "burst rate," which we now know means not sustainable for three months) weekly Model 3 production rate?
  26. J

    2018 Tesla Model 3 For Sale

    This sale is for an actual 2018 Model 3, not a reservation. This car is being sold at the cost basis after paying the AZ State sales tax to Tesla. Since this is a third party private sale, no additional sales tax will be due on sale. If you have a late registration or are thinking of signing up...
  27. daniel

    Where can I buy Tesla bonds?

    I've googled and googled and can't find anything. I own some solar bonds from Solar City and I am not worried by the nay-sayers. My bonds pay 5%, are senior unsecured, non-negotiable 2025 maturity. I was looking to buy some more, but the Solar City web page continues to say there are no new...
  28. B

    VW will trample tesla

    VW golf gas diesel or electric is outnumbering any other car manufacturer 5 to one even tesla all models combined. tesla will be trampled cuz it is a crap company (subsidiary, how do I delete my account?)
  29. F

    Where to find Demo Cars preferably Model S

    I am definitely thinking of purchasing a Model S and take advantage of the tax credit while I can. I then realized If I can find a demo car for a relatively cheaper price and take advantage of the tax credit at the same time that would be great. Does anyone have any recommendations or websites...
  30. kbM3

    Black Swan protection strategies

    I am debating the best way to protect my retirement savings (mix of after tax, IRA and Roth) since I am over 100% invested in Tesla and very near retirement (am I the most aggressive bull here?). I can still retire on 60% of my current holdings so I am considering setting up sell limits as...
  31. Stewie26

    Real Time Tesla Roadster Tracker. This is cool.

    This is cool on the link below. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page page you can see the Roadster's speed and distance from Earth in real time as the clock is always moving. Currently, as of this posting, it is 2,140,202 miles out and has a speed of 6,749mph. Where is Starman? Track...
  32. X

    Extended test drives?

    I’m currently in Georgia and am considering moving. So I called the local Tesla store about an overnight test drive with a AWD Model S. I’m scheduled Monday morning. I was curious has anyone received anything longer than a overnight test drive?
  33. J

    WTB 2012/13/14 Model S 85, Tech Pkg - $34-42k

    Hello all, PM me if you can help in my search! Looking for a 2012/13/14 S 85 with Tech pkg. Free supercharging preferable. Autopilot is not a necessity. Preferably not a white vehicle - fav color is blue (not a necessity) Air suspension preferable No need for winter tires Vehicle mileage is...
  34. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    Tesla reports Q4 2017 earnings and forecasts growth for 2018. This after managing a rough and tumble manufacturing year with Model 3. Tesla has worked out those S curve maneuvers alongside an eruption of lawsuits. Speculatively, a result of Q3 numbers not being what some investors anticipated...
  35. X

    White House weighs big cuts to mpg rules

    White House weighs big cuts to mpg rules More action, to attempt to remove Obama's legacy. SAD!
  36. Lessmog

    Market politics

    In my eyes, the US is right now celebrating the centennary of Uljanov's putsch in Russia: This is nothing less than a coup. A bit ironic to see it perpetrated in the Homeland and against the IC who have been so efficient abroad in that line of activity over the last half a century at least...
  37. M

    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    2017 August Delivery w/AP 2.0 Stock everything, w/ metallic silver paint. Excellent condition. Used for camping a few times. MCU was replaced with newer unit on delivery due to a fan issue. HEPA filter installed. Windows are a bit squeaky and so are the brakes. Falcon doors opened...
  38. N

    Why Tesla Will Fail

    This is why Tesla will fail -- not this year, not next year, but in a few years. It's just one story, but unfortunately it's representative. Mid-december, the latch fails shut on my rear right door. I call up the service center I've been using to tell them that the latch is stuck shut (can't...
  39. A

    19" Tesla Cyclone Model S Factory Wheels Gloss Black

    For sale is a set of 19" Tesla Model S Cyclone factory OEM wheels in gloss black. These were recently powder coated. Never mounted on a vehicle ever since. Center caps are included with purchase. $1200 shipped. Different styles available as well. We offer flat black, semi gloss, and gloss black...
  40. ValueAnalyst

    2018 Model S/X

    How many combined Model S/X vehicles will Tesla deliver in 2018? Please feel free to share your breakdown estimate as a comment.
  41. I

    During which year Tesla share would reach $1000?

    What do you think?
  42. J

    Elon, we have a Problem!

    I know you know, but ........BIG Motor has had over 100 years to foster and build journalistic relationships and lobby group funding. They spend big on advertising,( producing below the line sympathetic editorial aka advertorial) they spend big on away days, they are highly influential. The...
  43. zmarty

    Please prove to me that shorts drive the stock down constantly

    Tesla stock is depicted on this forum as some sort of battle between the forces of good (bulls) and evil (shorts). I cannot possibly believe that each and every day shorts use tactics to successfully drive the price down. Could it be that most people on this forum have no idea what makes the...
  44. X

    Charging Etiquette?

    A random thought came in my mind. What is the community's opinion on asking to charge at a friend's or family member home? I personally think a lot of people would assume it would run their electric bill sky house (my parents thought so at first lol) So I wanted everyone else's opinion of it.
  45. K

    Tesla Model S 22" rims

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to put on some 22" AG M310 wheels on my 2017 Tesla model S. I did a lot of reading online and read that pirelli sport pzero nero tires would work, however when I went to America's tires they told me that they would not put them on. They said the load on the rims is less...
  46. L

    2017 Q4 earnings estimates

    now that delivery numbers are out figure i would put out a preliminary q4 estimate. comments welcome, i usually fine tune the model based on forum discussion. thanks. …luv q4-17Sep-17Jun-17Dec-16 ls veh % total0. avg price s+x103.00100.86107.27103.28 avg price model...
  47. ValueAnalyst

    Gigafactory 1 production

    Tesla yesterday published the following paragraph online: “We began battery cell production at the Gigafactory in early 2017, and by 2018, it will produce 35 GWh/year of lithium-ion battery cells, nearly as much as the rest of the world’s entire battery production combined.” Do you believe...
  48. AudubonB

    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Welcome to the discussion of Tesla's activity in the marketplace. Doors open 1 January; until then confine all market discussion to the old thread (spoiler: markets are closed for the rest of the year). Update: its thread-name now begins with "Market Action", which should lessen the frustration...
  49. AudubonB

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Welcome to the 2018 general discussion page. Doors open 1 January; until then please continue to use the hoary ol' 2017 thread.... Update: its thread-name now begins with "General Discussion", which should lessen the frustration many had over the past year in posting to the wrong thread.
  50. BornToFly

    How much more do YOU think TSLA will be worth in 10 years?

    A very significant percentage of my net worth is in TSLA. I'm very confident that TSLA will be worth more in 10 years than it is today. I would say the chance of it doubling in 10 years is over 95%. Odds of being 5x today is 80%. 10x growth 50%. 20x growth 20%. This is based on how I see...