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Deleted keyfob from car, but its still paired to the car

Perhaps someone with a passive entry key fob paired with a Model 3 can try unpairing it with the car (without pairing it to another car) and see if the car still allows it to unlock and drive the car, in order to confirm or deny the OP's complaint.

But the OP should still report the theft (of the key fob) and the attempted theft (of the car) to the police, especially if the suspects that seem to be hanging around the OP's house can be easily found (e.g. by photo or videos taken of them).
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I just posted in OP's other thread about anyone having a passive fob to test the theory that deleting the fob from the Locks menu doesn't really happen:

I have the non-passive fob (first version released). It was successfully removed from the car as it should have been.
Also true with the old key fob. I traded in my 2018 Model 3 to Tesla. They reset the car to factory settings and deleted all keys except for the key cards. grabbed my final items from the car and closed the drivers door and the car locked with key cards inside. I already lost access via my app. The tech said no worries they can remotely unlock the car to which I responded let me try my old key! It worked! I was able to unlock the car with my old key even though it was unpaired from the car...

i have the new version and no problems.

I was going to try this sometime this week, but it looks like we have the answers.
Which is still ambiguous. OP says passive cannot be unlinked with car. GuyDude says the non-passive fob did not unlink. Kotter (appears to say) that the passive fob can be unlinked. My own experience this morning says the non-passive fob did unlink as expected. Not quite definitive from what I'm reading as all four examples so far have conflicting results.
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Once I paired my Non-Passive key with my new car it no longer worked on the old
I think this points to people needing to simulate the OP's specific scenario. Which is that the fob is not within range of car (may need a faraday bag or something to block car from receiving signal) deleting it from menu. Then bringing it back in range to unlock the car.

Doing things like pairing with a new car changes variables, so that should not be done for this tesg. Also, having the fob in range of the vehicle may make a difference. Note that just because fob does not unlock does not mean it is not in range. Tesla does some proximity detection for the unlock.