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  1. S

    IPhone App Key

    Hi everyone I recently updated my Tesla app, with the new setting for Passive Authentication, but my phone is not showing up in our Tesla as a key. I click the Add Key option to set up my phone as a key, and it says to continue in the app, but I’m not sure how to do that since my phone already...
  2. z_yury

    2021 – 2023 Tesla Model S Smart Key Remote Fob. $125. Or 2 fobs for $200.

    Brand new key fobs, never been used, never been paired to a Tesla.
  3. ferventcoder

    WTB: 2021+ Model S Key Fob

    Tesla always seems to be out of stock on the 2021+ Model S Key Fobs. Would love to purchase one or more of these.
  4. 3Sweet

    Deleted keyfob from car, but its still paired to the car

    Hello, I am here in a crazy predicament. I purchased the passive entry key fob for my model 3. My fob was stolen, and the thieves followed me home and have tried to steal the car from my garage 2x now. I went into the car and deactivated the key fob from the car. The thieves came back and were...
  5. A

    Tesla Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) API Documentation

    Hey, I recently reverse engineered Tesla's BLE protocol which is used by (model 3 + y) keyfobs, the phone key, tire pressure sensors, and possibly more! I had a very fun time reverse engineering the Android app, and figuring out how cryptography even works; yes there's good cryptography...
  6. M

    Please help phone key partially setup

    I've had my model Y for about a month now and have used my pixel 4 xl (priority) with no issues. Phone key immediately worked flawlessly...and i dropped my phone (using nfc on b pillar to lock car) and it broke. I just got my replacement (another pixel 4 XL). Removed the previous phone from...
  7. J

    No Location Services setting in iOS Tesla App - Key

    Ok, so my wife is ready to drive our Tesla Model Y into a wall. Her iPhone 11 Pro Max basically no longer works as a key for the Tesla. We have deleted the phone from the car, and set it back up. We have deleted the app on the phone, and reinstalled. Neither helped. I of course have scoured...
  8. M

    Apple Car Key support coming based on new UWB part?

    "The EUT is an automotive part (B Pillar Endpoint) with Ultra Wide-band (UWB) operating in 6389.6-7987.2 MHz, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC capabilities." I would like to use my iPhone 11 as my key! Tesla and Apple Car Key? FCC Approves Ultra Wide-band Part for B Pillar - TeslaNorth.com
  9. I

    How to attach new key to my Tesla model S 2013?

    I have a new sealed key for Tesla model S. How to attach it to the car?
  10. Rshephorse

    Where to hide or stash a key card on the outside of the vehicle.

    So I have stashed a card on the outside of my vehicle for emergencies. I'm wondering whether anyone else does this or how or where they stash the card. Doing things like skiing, swimming, kayaking, several day hiking trips especially if you've done a car shuttle, Or just going to a beach where...
  11. I

    MCU1 car.key location

    Hi, I managed to create new operation system but I think I put the car.keys to wrong location. I just copied them to partition 3 but I didn´t make any folder for them. I read somewhere that they need to be in subfolder /var? What is the exact location for them and how can I move them over LAN...
  12. Ostrichsak

    Quick PSA About Changing the Key Fob Battery & "Key Fob Battery Low" Error Message

    If/when you get the "key fob low battery" I would recommend the following as best practices: 1) Change not one but BOTH (or all three if you got a 3rd) batteries at the same time. They should last about a year and (if you buy them right) they're not super expensive. I found that you can get 4...
  13. L


    Apple look to be adding car keys into iOS 14. What are the chances of this coming to Tesla?
  14. melbrayporkpie

    Wife’s phone key

    I’m sure this has been asked multiple times, but when searching I’ve found multiple answers and they seem to be from over a year ago so wondered if the method had changed. what shall I do to set up my wife’s phone for our new model 3? Create her a new Tesla account or just log in using my account?
  15. UncaNed

    Changing the Key FOB Battery??

    I'd really appreciate if somebody please post the keyfob battery changing instructions here. Changed the key fob battery the first time long ago by basically smashing it into place with pliers. Now I'm getting this useless notification suggesting I manually search the manual which has no search...
  16. D

    Hard reboot erases keys?

    When pressing both scroll wheels and break car does a hard reboot. Does it remove the existing key cards?
  17. NCM3

    Samsung phone issues

    I have tried a Note 8, S9, S10, and Note 10 with my Model 3. All have Bluetooth issues. They fail with proximity unlock leaving me standing in the rain. When on a call and entering the vehicle they fail to properly handoff audio (mainly mic transfer). However, two different Pixel 3 XLs and a...
  18. N

    Car will only unlock or start when the app is up

    So, I went on vacation for two weeks and came back to my car (with new 2019.28.31 software installed) and my car will not unlock or go into gear unless I have my app up and running. I've tried turning on and off my bluetooth on my phone but that doesn't seem to work. The car will lock when I...
  19. GolanB

    2019.12.1.2 - Car failed to lock during walkaway + odd screen behavior

    The first time this happened to me that I can think of - Been using a software key on my mobile device and it has been reliable for both locking and unlocking the vehicle. Today, I parked on the street, enabled sentry mode, and walked away. I got a call about 40 minutes later from my son who...
  20. C

    Car won't unlock until I handle my iPhone

    My two iPhones have never worked properly with my 3. My brand new iPhone XS Max, for example, will fail to hands-free unlock the car most of the time. The odd thing is, however, that once I take the phone out of my pocket (waking up the screen) the car immediately unlocks. I don't have to...
  21. S

    iPHone key unlocks car, turns on, but car won't go without plastic key.

    After working well for months, my car suddenly refused to be put in drive after having unlocked the car with my iphone key. Entered the car, stepped on brake. Seat went through adjustments, screen came on and all looked like it was working. Except I couldn't put the car in reverse or drive. Only...
  22. nikhil726

    FS: Model 3 Key Fob

    I have 4 Model 3 Key Fobs for sale. Looking for $235 shipped. Will ship immediately. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492 if you have any questions.
  23. B

    Possible solution for Bluetooth key for Android

    I have a LG G4 (ATT) and had a less than 25% success rate in unlocking my Model 3. I downloaded "Bluetooth Auto Connect" from the Google Play Store and so far (couple days) have had a 100% success rate. It keeps the phone in discover mode whenever it doesn't have a bluetooth connection. It...
  24. fasteddie7

    PIN to drive is here!

    Here it is:
  25. YusufT

    Car won't unlock by walking up to it

    Before the most recent update, I had an 100% success rate of unlocking the doors using my phone as a key. After this update however, it feels like 70% of the time it fails to unlock, and I turn my bluetooth off and on again and same thing, won't unlock even when under bluetooth it says it's...
  26. tanner

    Phone Key Auto Unlock Issues?

    The app works great as a phone key with its hybrid bluetooth/data functionality, but my only issue is walking up to the car and having it be unlocked. It only seems to work half of the time? I'm on the latest version of iOS with the latest app installed, bluetooth enabled, and "always use"...
  27. hacer

    Replacement key-cards unavailable

    I had my wallet stolen on a recent trip to Florida only 2 weeks after getting the model 3. My key card, sadly, was in the wallet. Since I flew to Florida I really should have taken the key card out (and a bunch of other things), but I've never had my wallet stolen or lost before in my life so I...
  28. P

    My key fob got auto-locked inside the car

    A couple of times I left the key inside the Tesla Model S and the doors locked. Since the other key was available in the house, I was able to unlock the car using the second key. What if the other key was not available? What if the phone w app was in the car, too? How would I get into the car...
  29. Californiates

    Tesla model s key fob

    Brand New never used 70$ Shipped 1 key. 2 keys 120$ (718)9163315 Paul
  30. E

    Shortage of keys?

    I just took delivery of an inventory model X P100DL in San Francisco and only got 1 key to the car. We're not talking about a rental car here but a $130K+ luxury car! And I am prone to losing keys too... This is what my OA said: I can absolutely understand the frustration, as we have had a few...
  31. fasteddie7

    I thought I had a standard keyfob

    My wife and I went to a Tesla social event today where we got to talking about keyfob sleeves. Some folks showed their red and blue sleeves, while others showed their fobs, when I realized mine didn't look anything like theirs, I pulled it out and everyone was surprised to not have seen that...
  32. SharonB

    Lost Key Fob

    We received 2 key fobs last week but they said they didn't have anymore keychains for them and would be sending them to us after delivery. I knew this would be a problem. Sure enough...we lost one of the key fobs somewhere after opening the doors at the mall last night. I like to have two...
  33. Mknac

    Tesla FOB

    Delivery day is in two weeks. Can you attach your keys to the Model S FOB? If not do I need a FOB cover and if so any recommendations?
  34. C

    Model S Key Fob (2) Brand New

    Hi, new member here, long time lurker. I have 2 brand new never used/programmed Model S key fobs for sale. Both are still sealed in the factory plastic bag. They will work on any Model S, can be used to add a 3rd key to your set or replace a missing fob. They will require a service center...
  35. FarmerDave

    Replace Key Fob Battery Message Won't Go Away

    When I got in my X today, the instrument panel displayed this message: I have: 1. Replaced the batteries in both key fobs with new ones. 2. Brought both fobs into the car. 3. Reset the instrument panel. 4. Reset the touch screen console. 5. Powered the car off and on. 6. Called Tesla Tech...
  36. tanner

    Model X Key? Door Handles?

    After having placed my Model X reservation yesterday (Just Reserved, YAY! # In Line & Mirrors: Conflicting Stories?! - super excited!!!), a plethora of weird questions pertaining to the upcoming car are starting to gnaw away in the back of my head. First up, the key? Does anyone know if Tesla...
  37. pete8314

    Vendor Protect your Key - Leather FobPockets now in Stock!

    I'm happy to announce that our range of leather FobPockets are now in stock. You can choose from brown or black leather, with or without an emboss on the back of a stylized Model S side profile. DIRECT LINK We've really tried to focus on the design of these, and they've been months in...
  38. T

    Important FYI re: "Key not in car" warning disabled/inop!

    **Warning: your "Key not in the car" warning is inop, according to telcon with Tesla Owner Support a few minutes ago.** Here's what happened to us this morning. I placed my wife's purse (with her MS key; she's the primary driver) in car, along with her luggage, for the drive to the airport...
  39. Bruce

    locked out??!!!

    Just parked my Tesla model S in my garage and left the key on the front passenger seat by accident. Just as the handles were closing, I remembered the key and reached for the handle. Too late! Thought "oh, thats ok. I'll just push the handle and open the door". No. The car apparently did...
  40. pete8314

    Key Fob Cover (aka FobPocket) - How To Order

    (Updated November 28) I've updated this post with simpler instructions on how to order. There's two versions of the FobPocket, the Classic, and Deluxe. The Classics come in Grey, Black and Red, and can be ordered here. They are the same design I've had since I moved to a more sculpted...

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