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Diminished Value appraiser and/or auto accident lawyers.


My car rear ended recently in NJ. I've reached out to a couple of forum members for DV appraiser recommendations, but most of those appraisers out outside of the NYC/NJ area. Has anyone worked with an appraiser in the NYC area preferably one that deals with Tesla.

Any advice or recommendations is appreciated. In addition if you have any lawyers you can recommend for auto accidents in this area, that may be useful as well.
Depends on how bad is your damage and how long you want to keep your car, what the DV expert charge might not be worth it (assuming you are even able to get the value back from the other party’s insurance at the first place)
I’m not sure how it works in NYC but in Texas I am in the middle of a DV claim. Appraiser said $15k in diminished Value. Insurance company said $4500. Will probably end up somewhere in between. The company I used was autoloss.com they are based in Oregon but seemed pretty knowledgeable about the laws in other states.