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Does Tesla offer PPF rear door/rocker panel

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Maybe I missed it but I couldn’t find Model X Tesla PPF for the rear rocker panel , like the one for the Model Y.

Is this not an issue for debris damage on the Model X ?
What does the majority of Model X owners recommend for this area?
Or does it come pre installed from Tesla?

See link:



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The vast majority of road debris damage occurs in the lower part of the door in the model Y. The X has a 2nd strip of plastic trim in that area unlike the Y. You should be fine with front mudflaps protecting the few rocks that impact above it. The new S is even worse than the Y in that area. Not much of a problem with the X. You can also get a rectangular piece of ppf and cut it yourself or even try to fit the Y piece and trim as needed. I’ve put the flaps and knock on wood to far so good.
The Tesla one look the best imo and do the job. The ones shared by towndrunk are probably marginally better at protection as they stick out a bit more but possibly at the expense of aesthetics. I have Teslas fronts and no rears. Definitely get flexible ones as they will catch snow drifts, curbs and speed bumps / turns on inclines.


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Has anyone tried these Mudflaps from Basenor?
BASENOR 2024 2023 2022 Tesla Model X/Model X Plaid Mud Flaps Splash Guards No Drilling Required Mudguards Vehicle Tire Protector Mudflaps Tesla Exterior Accessories (Set of 4) https://a.co/d/7r6V4jg
The ones I got were similar. Two major issues. 1. It was hard, so a speedbump could destroy them (or worse, the mounting holes). 2. From the back, it looks okay. But from the front (see 6th photo and photos from customer reviews) it's like a big scooper. It looks unfinished and will catch all the crap from the wheels. So cheap and tacky.