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Driver door opening overnight by itself?

This has happened to me two nights
I park my X in the garage and plug it in. I always lock it with the fob and watch the lights blink.

This morning I went to heat it from the app before we left the house and it wouldn't work as it said a door was open. I go check and sure enough the driver door is wide open.

Same process tonight (I'm certain the doors were shut and I locked the car). Before bed I checked the app and again, the driver door is wide open. Run down to the garage, close it, and lock the car.

I'm recently running 2018.10.4 8bbdc66.

Not a big deal overnight as I park in the garage but would hate for the door to open in public somewhere.

Anyone else having this issue?
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Spouse with 2nd keyfob on keychain walked by the MX to drive the other car out? It happens to me a lot. When my wife leaves her MX parked in the driveway next to my car, I would always opened her driver side door when I drive my car out. But it would auto close the door and lock it again when I drive away or at least I hope. :p I checked the first times but after I just trust it to close and lock.
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This is why I have the Auto present off. Really a good feature in its idea, but not very useful in its practicality. I have had returned to my car and my door was already open. Luckily I don't live in a bad area, otherwise, someone could have gone in to get my sunglasses or other valuable items.
I have it sometimes when my key fob is my pocket. If I need to bend sometimes pressure is asserted on the fob and that activates a door. My garage is close to the kitchen. That is why I try not to have my key fob in my pocket anymore.
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That is why I try not to have my key fob in my pocket anymore.
I actually keep mine in an old Altoid rectangular can where we put hang our other keys. They originally had a bluetooth issue that would drain the FOB battery. They've reprogramed FOBs to and changed other things so I think that is gone but I've definitely have bent over with my FOB in my pocket and made the car (doors, FWDs) do things I didn't want to!