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Driving Tesla VS ICE cars

So besides the obvious speed differences with the crazy amount of torque in the Tesla, what have you found different when switching back to a ICE car? After driving the Tesla for a while its been strange getting back into my 3 series. (I got to use the Tesla since it was summer holidays.. now it's back to school transport duties.. )

Anyways here are a few things to get the list started

1 Switching off the car. I kept forgetting to press the button to switch of the engine after parking
2 Pressing the windshield wiper after parking... what should be the P on the stalk in the Tesla
3 Engine Start Stop.... the slight rumble in restarting the engine at the stop lights are a little annoying after getting use to no engine noise at all
4 Getting back into a hot car... Pre-conditioning the car via App is pretty great
5 re generative braking... I seem to put the BMW into sportmode more lately to get some more engine braking but it's just not the same

though there are some areas my 3 series is better.

1 Parking. Smaller car > easier to park and the BMW seems to have better turning circle
2 Sound system. The sound in Tesla seems to lack the fully surround qualities, no matter how I adjust the sound seems to be coming from the left. It just sounds better in the BMW and the base is stronger as well (note: both cars are with non premium sound system)
3 Storage! ummm yeah i have too much crap in the car... but its nice to have somewhere to put my sunglasses, wallet etc

Some of these might be car specific but what are the differences you have found?
Not stopping to buy gas.

Yesterday I had to walk through a gas station to cross a street, and it's been so long that that strong gas odor seemed like a new smell sensation..and not a good one either.

I stopped at this same station weekly in the past, and never thought twice about the strong smell of gas.
10 difference between driving a Tesla and an ICE

1. Love and hate for the Creep function. You want to use it when you are parking at a slope. But you want to turn it off if you are in a bad traffic. You have the choice now, but now you always need to go to the touch screen to change it and you always can't find it. There should have a quicker way to do that
2. Getting paranoid about any sound your car makes. Is my drive having the droning sound? Is the pump too loud because it's broken? is my wheel balance is off? What's that sound? In an ICE, you heard nothing except tire noise and engine noise.
3. Getting bored about always going to the same mall / place to eat and dine repetitively, because you wanna get some electrons and only one or two place near you can get what you want, at least in Hong Kong.
4. Making yourself looks like a Tesla salesman since every friends ask you about the features of the car and you try to get them the answer they want, you will also offering test drives to them and give them a web link to buy the car.
5. Driving a loud ICE sports car turns chicks head. Driving a fast Model S turns guys head....All the human beings stare at my car on the road or talk with me are guys. I was asked by a man where do I got this wheel on my Tesla before the red lights today.
6. During summer, you hate your friends being late when you are in the ICE since there is no air con when the engine is off and law in Hong Kong don't allow engine on if pull to the side. Now you can pull to the side, turn up the air con, and do some reading and wait for your friends and always have a Tesla Grin when your friends finally arrives.
7. You put everything in your pocket since Tesla do not have small items storage space at all. Coins, Keys, Phone, Cards, Cash, Wallet, ID, everything in your pocket.
8. You are no longer interested in roller coasters when you visit theme parks because you owns one now.
9. You open the hood more often than the tailgate especially in Hong Kong, every one parks with rear in instead of front in.
10. You spend more time in TMC forum
1. the car has so many updates in recent months I remember when I test driven it (October 2014), I had to use left/right foot on a steep slope (Western district going uphill), now I don't have to because the brake holds the car for 1 second (saw this somewhere in other places) then I have enough time to step on right pedal. In bad traffic it must be TACC ... relax, the car drives itself occasionally if the traffic stopped completely just touch right pedal lightly to reactivate TACC.

3. agree, however I do like checking out new places and trying new charging opportunities. just being resourceful and help others!

4. that's part of the fun .... and $10,000 reward if you are lucky?

6. still don't like to wait, aircon needs energy!

7. this is a bad design idea of Tesla, with the add-on center console problem is partly solved but I still want pockets on doors for small items

9. I hope the frunk is also automated like the trunk, I put cables there!

10. yes, TMC forum, FB group, whatsapp, LINE, WeChat .... all about Tesla!