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Enabling Supercharger

Only 40kWh cars or 60kWh cars where the owner did not purchase Supercharging are not able to simply plug in. A 60kWh car without Supercharging would have to pay $2500 (I think) to enable Supercharging on their car. The 40kWh cars can upgrade as well, but have to pay ($11K) to upgrade to 60kWh in addition. All other models come with Supercharging.
Thanks all, I did a lot of searching before I posted and now I realize most of the threads were from (at the start of the thread) earlier years. I am sure they told me this at the break in day, I just couldn't remember. I am taking my son back to Ohio State on Saturday and it is 131 miles each way, so 262, my top range so far has been 274, I just did not want or do not want to range anxiety only owning the car two weeks. Appreciate the help.
Check out plugshare.com to see if there are any convenient chargers where you're going to be parking on Saturday. If you'll be there for a couple of hours, this will give you enough margin to get home without touching a supercharger, and save you a bit of time.

Of course, that first supercharger visit can be fun, so maybe you'll want to hit one up anyway!