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Energy App question

While on a trip, i.e. navigation is working.....if you look at the trip tab of the energy app, there are two lines, a grey line and a green line. I know they have something to do with the expected battery charge left upon arrival.....But what is the difference between the two lines?


The grey line is what the car predicts at the beginning, the green line is the actual energy used and then based on that data another prediction is made. So the grey one is kind of what normal driving would need, the green one reflects more what the real conditions are and what your driving style leads to.
I've driven from FL to NY and back again before. The trick to getting the green line to be at or above the grey line is to drive behind a larger car (SUV, minivan etc.) or truck. Then set cruise control to follow it with the setting of 1 (closest). You should be three car lengths behind it now. This lowers my energy from 380 wHm to 300 wHm. I believe that 310 wHm is what the grey line (rated range) is. This is for the P85D with 21" wheels.
Given that the line is generated based on a destination and route, and clearly knows the vertical components of the drive, I've wondered whether the line is generated based on speed limits known for the route and the adjustment speed I've set in the settings. I find that if I set the cruise to follow the posted speed plus my additive factor (whatever it is) I arrive within a percentage point. If I pick up the pace, the line drops down a few points... if I'm stuck in slow traffic, the line moves up and I gain range.

To me, it seems likely that the speed adjustment back in the settings screen is factored into the calculation (which would make sense). I haven't dug deeper to see if I'm right...