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EV will be charged driving in 10 and 101 Express Lane, too

Good car pooling matters more than having an ev. Though if you are carbon neutral through solar or wind, I see a public policy argument for that exemption.

Yeah, but very few true carpools are in the HOV lane. I have not seen a carpool bus in a long time. Decades ago, 1/4 of the traffic was 15 passenger vans. Just because you have more than 1 person in a car doesn't make it a carpool. A carpool is when 2 or more people who are driving to work in individual cars team up and rideshare. It's not somebody taking their kid shopping, or a husband and wife going to dinner. Neither of those reduce traffic, unless the husband and wife normally take 2 cars to go to dinner together.

I did both the Vanpool route and 4 person round-robin ridesharing in the 1980's. The HOV lanes made it so there was no travel time penalty going to work. It takes longer to load and unload Vanpools and Rideshares, so without an HOV lane, it just makes it more miserable.
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@trm2 : normally I don't mind disagrees, but yours seems to be bizarre. Was it a mistake, did you not read the words, or are you under the influence of intoxicants?

Nothing in that post is false, misleading, or incorrect. If you've actually used a HOV lane in last 5 years, you know it's true. It's no longer for Vanpools or commuter ridesharing as it's primary usage goes. Move to the fast lane, point your dashcam to the left, and record. Play 5 minutes for us of HOV use.

Or maybe you are hurt because you always go to dinner with your wife using 2 cars. I'd suggest calling for takeout or divorce if you want to 'go green'.
I did not purposely hit any of the icons. I’m sorry, i must have bumped it while scrolling. I’ve actually never even used a HOV Lane - we don’t have them around here.
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It is the same thing when using the I-91 Toll lanes in Orange County/Riverside. The stickers are not enough to get you access. You need a Fast Track transponder. WIth the stickers you are allowed to set your transponder for 3 people, giving you reduced rates when traveling. If you go without a transponder, you will get a bill in the mail.

You cannot use cash or card. There are no toll booths. Everything is automated. Cameras are at every access/exit point.
I used to driver Vipers. Used to joke that since Vipers get the best fuel economy cruising at highway speeds, and since EV's and Hybrids get their best mileage when in stop and go traffic, the best use of the HOV lanes would be to reserve it for the gas guzzlers, and keep the efficient vehicles in the slow lanes :)

Of course, now that I drive a Tesla, my views have changed.