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Excessive Vampire Loss

Does anyone have any experience with excessive vampire loss, as in 3-4 miles per hour lost while parked?
Generally my S60 with 27,000 miles might lost one mile when parked during a whole work day, but today is the third time in the last month it has experienced a much larger vampire loss from being parked for just a few hours. I keep range mode on and always connected off.
This morning I drove 110 miles, then parked at the office with 45 miles of range left. When I went out to lunch 4 hours later, it was down to 32 - that's 3.3 miles lost per hour from being parked. Since it's 70 degrees and cloudy out, I never turned on the AC, so I am confused why I would be losing so much range. Last time it did this was Friday evening. I was parked for just over 5 hours and lost 23 miles, and that time the SOC was around 80%. Any ideas?
A couple firmware versions back, Tesla introduced a new feature that would automatically pre condition the car using HVAC when it thinks you'll be headed to/from work. Is it possible that this is enabled and running to create the drain?