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Experience with Tesla M3 CPO...good/bad?

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There have been recent threads that touched on used M3s via Tesla CPO, especially those available through the recent "fire sale". Clearly, there is risk when making any used purchase, but how has CPO experience been for those willing to share? Have there been many accounts of obvious issues with the cars?
Mine came out good. there were scratches in the center console which I covered with a wrap.. when I picked up the car there we 2 problems with it. 1. The drivers side door handle was getting stuck open for a second then closed. 2and was my front speakers were not working at all. Both are being addressed today. I dropped off my car and they gave me a S75D loaner.
Tesla does not have a CPO program. They sell used cars that wouldn’t pass for sale at a used car lot.

That should be all anyone needs to know.
Fair enough...incorrect terminology. But point taken!

The terminology, in this case, is everything. CPO programs from BMW or Merc get you a like-new vehicle with an excellent warranty. And they also want you to buy the car.

The Tesla experience is the exact opposite. Trust me, I’ve been through it with an S. I’m sure it’s worse with a 3.
I also got a 18 LR RWD (essentially new w/ 21 mi) picked up Labor Day weekend. Car was pristine besides a very small stain on passenger door armrest, which I wasn't going to grumble about. Very satisfied with the purchase process and condition. I never had to wait more than a couple hours for responses on questions I emailed to my delivery advisor. Now if only I could get support to help me get off 2018.42 software!