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Free Hardware Upgrade Sale! 2 Free Hardware Options (22" Rims Comped)

I'm curious too. Anyone got this deal yet? May talk to the sales guy and see if he can take 5K off on the color and 7-seater. If have to, I'll cancel and re-order to save 5K. Gotta play around with the combo to maximize the $5,500.
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My guess is that the Plaid will require a new sub frame in the back, if it requires a second rear motor. Cost will be significantly higher and performance significantly better.

Current performance cars are including free ludicrous mode (save $20,000). Perhaps a good deal right now if you are wanting the already extremely fast Ludicrous.
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Clarification according to my sales guy: they are allowing 2 upgrades to match a custom order to an inventory car. Example: someone orders a white on black model 3 with 18s. If there is an inventory red on white with 18s, they can get that car for the price of their original order, so that Tesla can book a sale in Q3. Doesn't apply to FSD or MX seating config upgrades. Anyone who wants my sales guy's info, shoot me a PM.