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glove compartment hinge

So somehow I ended up breaking the hinge on my Model S late 2016 glove compartment.

The door was sticky for sometime, when I went to pull it down it broke. I've got an appt with mobile - a pin came out the right hinge and I suspect a plastic piece may have broken. The lower fascia plate snapped out too but I managed to push that one back into place.

Has this happened to anyone? will they cover it under warranty? (3 years old). Any idea if this is a big repair or if the mobile guys can do it? Thanks!
I had hinge I thought was broken but a small black item I had put in the compartment got stuck behind it blocking it form closing completely. It was small enough that I didn’t see it for weeks and only found it when cleaning out compartment to go to service
We messed the hinge up on our S when a pen or something similar lodged in the hinge and someone tried to force the glovebox closed because they didn't see the pen. We later had the car in the shop to have the MCU replaced and when we got the car back the glovebox had been fixed in the process.
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mobile came out and took care of it - they see a lot and he said no big deal - he actually put in a whole new glove box and was done in <20 min. He says he sees them a lot also r/t the air bag recall (Nov-2016 Model S refresh AP 2.0)