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Great service tech work/Typical tesla confusion

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On Thursday we had the two sides of Tesla that people often experience.

We drove into Fitzroy Crossing early morning and plugged into the dedicated EV socket at the Roadhouse. Firstly despite our HPWC showing green lights the car showed ready to charge but wouldn't do so, swapped over to plan B, being the three phase and Tesla portable UMC, this only gives us half the charging rate (11kw/52km typical per hour). Started charging no problem at the full rate, after about an hour the cars charge rate dropped to 11/11amps three phase. This was a bit frustrating as we wanted to get to Halls Creek before dark.

All the way down in Perth @Murbs had a suspicion that the UMC was protecting itself by dropping the charge rate in the heat (as in a very hot bitumen carpark with no shade). As he happened to be in Tesla Service, he politely asked the technician do a quick online check on the car for any vehicle faults which came through clear, we also plugged in the HPWC and the Tesla Tech found a coms cable fault that was preventing charging. It was great service from Tesla and peace of mind when you are over 2,800km from the nearest service centre. Thanks to @Murbs for getting involved and offering solutions. I think his suspicions are correct as the UMC is working fine at night, but dropping back a few amps in the heat of the day. BTW the streets of Fitzroy Crossing are very hot and dusty, but the roadhouse staff are friendly and the aircon is very welcoming.

The next stop was Halls Creek, 290km to the east. The Tesla touch screen clearly showed the presence of a HPWC (as does the Australian Destination charger map), even though a few drivers had the impression it may not exist. We rang ahead and asked and was advised that 'Yes Tesla had sent them a charger.' Upon arrival we found a new 5pin 3phase plug which the owners had been sent by Tesla, no Tesla signage and no sign of a HPWC, but it is on the maps, go figure. Someone at Tesla has only done half the job. We had no problem charging off the 3phase overnight and the venue is very clean and comfortable inside. The good news is the drive from Halls Creek to Kununurra is very picturesque, even in hot and dusty conditions.