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Hansshow 10.25" Android Display - Zlink Carplay Issue + Software Update?

Hi I purchased my 10.25 display for my 2021 SR+ from Aliexpress. I got it at a discount compared to buying the same display from hannshow. Its an identical unit that many vendors sell, however the customer support from Aliexpress is non existent. Since I didn't buy this display from Hannshow I can't ask them for assistance. Thats why I'm hoping the community here might have a solution.

Anyone else have an issue with Zlink and carplay? 80% of the time it connects properly and automatically with my iphone. 20% of the time however it attempts to connect repeatedly and fails. In these situations I have to reboot the 10.25 display through the settings, and then it will work. I've tried factory resetting the system. I've connected the display to wifi and updated anything that had an update. Nothing has improved the issue. If you've had this problem, and resolved it, please let me know how

Also, anyone receive a software update file for the 10.25 display they can send me? I'm hoping that a software update will resolve the zlink issue im having

I've attached a PDF manual provided to me


  • 10.25inch version of tesla screen user manual v1.3.pdf
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There is an update from hansshow, version 2.28, however my hardware version is same as yours but has 2G/32G vs yours 4G/64G.

Use at your own risk.

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Did you try the OTA update? Regardless of vendor I believe the OTA updates all come from the same repository.

Side Note: I’ve been thru 3 different display types (Linux android and the new 6.86”) and not one of them has ever had an OTA update but it’s pushed as a selling point. The 6.86” is OTA capable but the feature isn’t live yet, probably never will be lol
I've had the 10.25" Android display in the car for about 7 months now, and really enjoy the convenience of Car Play. I just noticed recently that the gear selection on the Hansshow screen doesn't highlight the selected gear (PRND). I think it used to. Anyone else finding that it doesn't work? Not a big deal, but curious.