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New Hansshow Android 10.25 inch instrument cluster/display install and review

This thread is for the new Android version from Hansshow (10.25 inch), please don't be confused with the Linux 9 inch or the old Android 10.25 inch version.

This new display supports 4G/GPS/Front camera. Resolution is 1920x720.


There are plenty videos on how to install the instrument clusters, you can reference them, for my install, I have AMD processor, so it is relatively easy (except the power cables), I will post more information shortly.


At the beginning I was bit confused on how it works, now I think I am clear on how it works.

Your Tesla pair to this unit's BT (Tesla_Screen_xxxx), this for audio output of your calls or music etc.
Your phone pair to this unit's another BT (a007_bt), this is for carplay and AA. The unit will then make direct wifi connection to your phone so Carplay and AA can work with this unit.
Your phone no longer pair with Tesla if you are going to use carplay or AA.
If you just want to use this display for reading the speed etc, then you just need to do anything.


I have never owned other instrument clusters, so I cannot compare it with others, for me, I was looking for a display can display the current speed, and support Android Auto. It definitely meet my first requirement, it integrates with Tesla nicely, displays speed, battery information, door status, gear status, almost anything you can think off. This is good.

Unfortunately, for Android Auto, it is half working. It works if I fresh pair the phone to this unit, but if I leave the car and re-enter, my phone shows connected, but this unit doesn't see the connection, keep connecting. The only way to get out of this is to reboot the unit, or unpair the phone and re-pair.

There is a new Android Auto coming up (coolwalk), I am hoping this unit will support that (to my knowledge, coolwalk is from the phone side, and it should not require any new code from head unit).

Apple carplay works, but I have not tried the re-enter scenario as my primary phone is Android.

The display supports full screen mode, which is nice, but in full screen mode, there is no way to hide the floating status icon/widget, which is bit annoying.

I'm still working with Hansshow to get the Android Auto problem resolved. However, I am not sure how much they can do, it is zlink5 handling AA and Carplay, zlink5 is from a different company.
I installed my new 4g unit yesterday and today. I took my time, particularly in finding suitable means to route wires in a professional and safe manner. I covered some of the details/issues in the other post (Questions About Hansshow Android 4G 10.25-inch Tesla Model 3 Y Instrument Cluster Heads Up Display). I'm having some issues getting the pairing done properly, and seeing if it is possible to have the voice assistant speak English instead of Chinese. (I have selected English for all the on-screen info).
After spending more time trying to set up the unit, I find the setup menus very confusing and inadequate. When I watched the attached YT video on the 9" display, I found the setup menus much better on that video. I know it is an older version, but it seemed to have a better configuration interface.

I continue to be unsuccessful in getting my phone to pair to the unit (keep getting "pairing was unsuccessful"). The car paired to it fine. So I haven't yet gotten audio working from car play. Once I get into Car Play, I have trouble trying to return to the normal driving screen using the steering wheel controls. Haven't found a way to reduce screen brightness either. Don't know if I'm just a slow learner or it the system setup is just obscure.
I feel your pain, I am trying to get a software update for the old school android touch screen, and I am not sure how much luck I will have. Contacting them via chat using Facebook messenger, they want me to download WhatsApp and contact an engineer that way. I have e-mailed in an attempt to not have to download and configure yet another chat app that I will never use.

After spending another hour or 2 yesterday, I finally got things working. I didn't think my phone was paired, but because the system seems to use the initial BT connection to establish a wi-fi connection with the phone, the BT then disconnects. I should have realized the phone was connected OK since the Apple Carplay icons were showing up on the screen. Then I checked if the car was still connected via BT and found that it had dropped. So after re-pairing the car with the Hansshow I finally got my audio working through the car speakers. I find the display a little too bright for my taste, and for some reason they have eliminated a brightness adjustment in the setup menus. You can only dim it with the Tesla center display control. Even at minimum setting I find the Hansshow a little to bright (and the center display a little too dim).
I also wish there was an additional (4th) choice of displays that replaces the silly positive and negative horsepower. This seems gimmicky to me and is of no particular value. I'd much rather see my avg trip power consumption (wh/mi), ideally compared to the historical average consumption.
There are still some quirks. I set the full screen display to show temp in F, but the reduced display when showing carplay shows temp in C. I also noticed last night that the Hansshow only shows mph (or as they show: mp/h) even when I'm in Canada where posted speeds are kph. So the speed limit is displayed in kph and the actual speed is mph. Tesla handles this conversion properly on the center display by converting posted kph speed limit to equivalent mph.
I like that I can do so much with the right steering wheel scroll wheel (when not using cruise control or lane keep assist). Looking forward to the delivery of a yoke to improve visibility of the Hansshow screen, although it isn't too bad with the factory wheel.
I can't see a photo.
Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 4.28.34 PM.jpg
I think that is an quirk/anomaly that isn't normally there, at least in my experience so far. I typically select the screen that shows CarPlay on 2/3 of the screen and the speed/car info on the remaining 1/3.
I see. Have you tried it in full screen mode? Does that speedo overlay randomly appear or not at all? If it appears, how often does it appear in full screen mode? I don't want to run 2/3 carplay and 1/3 speed car info
I see. Have you tried it in full screen mode? Does that speedo overlay randomly appear or not at all? If it appears, how often does it appear in full screen mode? I don't want to run 2/3 carplay and 1/3 speed car info
I just tried to get full screen carplay mode but wasn't able to. I either can't remember how, or it isn't an option. For me, the full screen mode isn't important as can see enough icons using the 2/3 screen view while still having some essential car info available.

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