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Heathrow Clubhouse Event

What was the "Clubhouse Event"???

They are a series of events at Tesla locations - drinks and snacks are served, chance to chat to other owners for a bit, then head of Tesla UK takes the mic and says a few things about what Tesla are up to, answers questions posed in advance via the Facebook group, and takes questions and feedback from the floor. At the previous one, there was a developer from California on video conference to explain what they are doing about connectivity, and there were rides in a P85D. This time, there were rides in a P85D-with-ludicrous.

It's quite a good format, allowing slightly more candid answers than would be expected in a formal email/facebook response. The only hard announcement we got was on the price for early P85D owners to upgrade to Ludicrous, but there were progress reports on what they are doing to improve connectivity, a little flavour on the Ecotricity situation and Supercharger rollout plans without any hard detail, talk about the Destination Charging programme etc.

Invites supposedly go to all owners and reservation-holders (and apparently some thinking-about-being-reservation-holders too). If you've missed yours, best to complain since their marketing email lists seem to be a bit hit-and-miss. This time round you've missed Birmingham and West Drayton, but there's still:

Knutsford 26th Sep
Gatwick 1st Oct
Brent Cross 3rd Oct
Bristol 8th Oct
Westfield 29th Oct
Weybridge 7th Oct
Thanks, Arg.

Since confirming my order Tesla has gone from friendly to very impersonal and take weeks to respond to queries. I understand your hit and miss comment. A bit worrying, but customer service has nearly vanished from all facets of life in the UK. So not unexpected. Still, spending over 100k should afford some courtesy...

What is the Ecotricity situation?
I got my invite to knutsford for 1st October
I rang the sales team as I couldn't confirm my attendance and they didn't know what was going to happen as they'd just found out them selves .
im a future 70d owner late December delivery me and my bro bought our private plates yesterday sad or what :redface:
can I turn up in my Merc becuase the Tesla sales numpties screwed up my order?
Has caused me all sorts of problems and likely to cost me a ton of money too.

Most recently they were going to call me back within 24h ... still waiting weeks later.
Not happy at all.

Would be happy to share my views with Elon over a drink!