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How accurate is your Tesla trip planner for range? Very innacurate after pack swap

Discussion in 'Model S: Battery & Charging' started by fabionomaz, Feb 20, 2019.


How good is the onboard Tesla trip planner for you at estimating charge at destination?

  1. Pretty spot on

  2. Close enough

  3. Not very accurate

  4. I ignore it and use a different EV trip planner

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  1. fabionomaz

    fabionomaz Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    #1 fabionomaz, Feb 20, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
    In my 2015 Model S 70D with 19" slipstream wheels; the onboard trip planner had been surprisingly accurate at estimating remaining SOC on MCU navigation on the original battery. I've made a couple of trips hitting some of the same chargers before and the cars trip planner had been quite accurate to what I would actually have when I reached the destination(I normally drive 5-10 over posted limit).
    For clarity I am talking about this estimate you get in the MCU and to how close it actually was:

    My Pack was replaced in January(Service center put in a 75, and updated car to show 75D) and on the next road trip(Over 1600 miles total), when I put in destinations, the estimated charge left at next stop would be off by up to 20% which I find odd and a bit of a pain since it made me charge more at some sports out of concern.

    Examples I remember from my last trip from Tampa,FL to Marion NC and back after the battery replacement(this were the estimates shown by car when we were leaving):

    Marion, NC to Columbia, SC Supercharger made it with 23% remaining

    Onboard Trip planner estimated 4% Remaining and said to stay under 65(which scared my Girlfriend)
    "abetterrouteplanner" estimated 19% Remaining

    For this sector I knew I'd make it since we left with 100% and I didn't want to have to stop again
    From Kingsland, GA supercharger to home in Tampa, FL made it with 9% remaining.
    Onboard Trip planner estimated negative 9% Remaining
    "abetterrouteplanner" estimated: 5% Remaining

    For this sector below my girlfriend drove and she's notorious for a lead foot and stepping on it to pass slower people:
    Savannah, GA Supercharger to Columbia,SC Supercharger: Actual-16% remaining.
    Onboard Trip planner estimated: 5% Remaining
    "abetterrouteplanner" estimated: 19% Remaining

    I saw an article on Electrek about the trip planner getting more "Sophisticated" and accurate. But seems that for me after the pack swap, mine went the other way(I have 0 complaints about the new pack, only posting about noted differences)

    I've mostly just adjusted- when supercharging and the car estimates 1% remaining at next destination is now when I leave to make it there with at around 15% or more remaining...

    How accurate is the onboard trip planner for estimating how long to charge to make it to the next stop for others?
  2. Rocky_H

    Rocky_H Active Member

    Feb 19, 2015
    Boise, ID
    I consider this kind of a two-part question. There is how close is the estimate at the very beginning, before you depart, but then there is as you drive, since it continually adjusts every few minutes. For the initial estimate, I would say it is pretty close, and I've seen it be a little high or a little low, but once you start driving, and it gets 5-10 minutes to consider how your actual energy use is going , with heating, wind, speed, etc. included, it tunes in and gets really accurate.
  3. fabionomaz

    fabionomaz Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    The estimates were from the very beginning when I first put in the destination, but even half way through a 3 hour drive it'd still be around 10% off. Rated range is surprisingly accurate though, I get is 250 rated and drove 224 on the stretch I pushed it the farthest. Really kicking myself for not taking a screenshot of the "Distance traveled since last full charge" screen just so I could get an estimated usable capacity :(

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