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How do painted lower panels stand up?

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I've seen multiple posts/threads on TMC on members having the lower panels on their Model S painted/wrapped. I really do like the look of this and I'm considering having this done once my new P85D arrives. I've been talking to a few local bodyshops and a couple of them have been very hesitant to paint the lower panels being worried that it won't hold up over time and will easily chip and end up looking bad. My original plan was to have this work done and then get the entire car wrapped in Xpel. It seems to me this would do a good job of protecting the paint work so I was surprised by their opinion. Has anyone else had this experience? Also, if you've had your lower panels painted, has it been holding up well over time or have you started seeing wear earlier than you expected? Thanks for the input!
I had mine painted (pearl white). I get a lot of compliments, gives the car a lower stance particularly on a white car.

I too was initially concerned about durability. While I only had mine done a few months ago and have yet to try out driving them thru the true test of the winter slush, the person who did them said they should hold up better than the rest of the car. He sanded them several times to give it a very smooth finish, primed, painted and then several coats of clear coat. I then added paint protection film.

I have noticed some minor marks where the wheel shoots up rocks directly onto the painted fender, so it may require a re-application of the film at some point, but well worth it.
@eteyemd - Your car will definitely stand out if your lower panels are painted. 2000x agree with Moe that if properly painted, the paint will hold up through time. Putting a clear bra will add more protection.

Here's my amateur clip. You'll see my pearl white with black wheels and painted lower panels.
#PearlWhiteModelS with #S104 HREs - YouTube

Your car will look lowered just by painting the panels. Here's the difference. See below.
Here's my experience. First, I had vinyl carbon fiber wrap applied to all of the under body pieces -- front and rear diffusers and both rocker panels. Not a good idea. After about 6 months the wrap started to peel away from the outer edges and with road grime and salt look progressively worse.

Then I had all the pieces laminated in real carbon fiber. That has proved to be extremely durable. After about 18 months in all kinds of weather it still looks new.
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