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How much for new 18 inch aero wheel?

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Not sure at all about the refresh Aero wheel but I got a 2020 one off eBay for £120. There was a set of four on eBay for quite a while with a tyre or two.

I had another one "refreshed" after curbing for £85.

Best of luck!
This can’t be repaired can it?
I’ve got something similar, though not quite as much on one of mine. Getting it fixed and repainted for £85 whilst the car’s in for ceramic coating. New aero covers are $25 in the US, so I’d guess similar here, if you’ve also scuffed that.
Thanks. Got a quote for £60. Only problem is I can’t leave the wheel there since I don’t have a spare. Also concerned about the jack at the place if he takes the wheel off for me. :-(
Re: Lug Nut Torque

Old School:
Wheels were steel or heavy metal.
It was always snug it up good, then 1/4 turn tight.
I would still use that technique today if I didn’t have a torque wrench.

My Father:
He used to check the lug nuts after every service... and there was always one loose! I did the same, even checking the lug nuts on my just-delivered new cars. Today, I don’t bother. I think technology and liability are bigger issues, making problems less likely.

Ironically, years after my father passed, my mother had a wheel fall completly off a van after service. She only drove 2 blocks! The mechanics never tightened the wheel lugs at all. They must have been smoking something.

New School:
Today we have many different types of light metals.
It is best to get a torque spec and use a torque wrench.
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