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HW4 - GPS Sat in Use 0 Dead Reckoning

I have 2023 Model X LR with HW4. I noticed that in the service menu Driver Assist > Camera section, my GPS is showing 0 in use and Dead Reckoning. My GPS got stuck for a month and now is working ok. But my location based autofolding mirror does not fold in the location I saved (our house) and the Homelink does not auto-open/close as it should be doing. I was wondering if any of you who has HW4 with Model X os experiencing this kind of issue as well.
I need a favor from Model X owners with HW4. Can you please post a picture of your GPS status by going to the Service Mode > Driver Assistance > Camera? Mine is still showing 0 in use and No GPS fix. Thanks in advance.


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Update: for some reason today, the gps started working as normal again. Homelink auto-open/close and autofold side mirrors are working again. When I go to service menu and camera, it showed there are gps in use while I was at work. When I got home, it is now showing 0 gps in use and dead reckoning but gps and everything else is working.

I don’t know what made it fix itself but while at work before driving home, I scroll wheel rebooted the car and while the screens are still blank, I pressed the D where the wireless phone charging pad is and proceeded to drive. It just worked after I did that. I wasn’t sure if that made it work. 2 hours before that, gps was not working.

I have my scheduled appointment tomorrow for this issue. I’ll continue testing and using it. I’ll have to cancel the service if by tomorrow it is still working. They wont try and trouble shoot anything if it’s working anyway.

Still no new software update though. Stuck in 20.9.


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Update: Navigation is still working as normal but GPS is back at 0 in use and dead reckoning while under a clear sky. I noticed yesterday that in my driveway while in service mode, I’m getting a few sattellites before I get in the garage. Once the hood was in, it becomes 0 in use and Dead Reckoning again. It has been like that since last night but Nav still works.
Update: i got my X back yesterday. It is working as it should be now. The tech said they have to replace the gps antenna with a new improved version. He said it was the shielding of the hardware that is causing the issue. So far so good.
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Update: after a few weeks of replacing the GPS antenna, the same problems are back. 0 GPS in use, Homelink and location based auto fold mirrors do not work.

I scheduled another appt after Thanksgiving, if it’s not fixed, I might have to lemon it. My X has been in service for 4 times now since we got it end of June for different issues.