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I Had to Say Goodbye

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Marginally-Known Member
Mar 28, 2015
Houston, TX
My beautiful 85D had to get returned from it's 3 year lease. :( Best car I've ever owned or driven. I hope it can make someone else as happy as I was as a CPO.





If you're in the market for a CPO, watch for it. VIN 080462.
Nice...congrats of the 3. How does it compare to the S?
What do you think of the 3 vs the s?

I could go on and on about the differences. I'd like to post a very comprehensive review when I have time. But the short version is that there are a few things the S does very well: Acceleration, especially from a stop (no surprise); Cargo space, the S has twice as much as the 3; Interior niceties, the S had the alcantera headliner and dash, and the leather seats; Software, the S software is more mature than the 3's.

In almost every other category, the 3 is actually a better car.