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I have no idea what's going on.

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Today I got into my car and both the IC and MCU were dead. Blank. Nothing. I have no idea what combination of button and pedal presses woke them up but about 90 seconds later the IC came to life and a bit later the MCU did. Car got me to where I was going.

The very next time I got in the car the IC and MCU were fine but all of a sudden the car was stuck in "jack mode" (per a notice in the IC). I went to the settings menu and all other suspension modes were greyed out. Again, after some combination of button presses, holding the brakes, et cetera I was able to tap on of the greyed out options and get it back to normal.

Am scared some gremlin is loose indicating a bigger issue that's going to strand me somewhere. Does this stuff mean anything to anyone? Should I just shrug my shoulders and ignore?

2017 75D HW2.5 on 2017.50.3. (One of the 2018 failed a couple weeks ago and I haven't been prompted again.)
Not quite the same but my car started to attempt to charge at 48 amps off of my 24amp dryer outlet for no reason. its like it forgot the setting all of a sudden and my back up camera showed nothing but the white lines
Lots of stories like that. I had my car open the roof turn the climate to LO all on it's own while I was driving on the freeway. It happened twice. I called Tesla, they looked at the logs and didn't find anything. Having both screens blank in the morning happens to me here and there. It is usually the car just being in some deep sleep state and needing to boot. My dash screen also freezes almost every day for a year now. Nothing Tesla can do either. :/