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I know I'm wrong, but where am I wrong?

If you haven't noticed, the Canadian dollar has been getting pounded. Canuck friends that usually visit us in Ca in January say they may have to cancel their trip since its 25% more expensive than their visit last year. Based on that logic and assuming static prices, a trip to Canada would be 25% cheaper for us. Therefore, Is there any reason I couldn't buy a Model S in Canada either new, used or CPO and bring it back to California and register it and STILL get the fed and state credit of $10k? For example, I used the design center and mocked up the car I want in USD ($78k). I then did the same thing from the Canadian Design Center and it comes out to $91,200 CAD. It would cost me @ $68,400 USD to buy the car and then I'd still get the tax credit of $10k USD for a total cost to me of $58,400. I'm sure I'm missing something super obvious like: Tesla won't sell a Canadian spec car, the U.S. Won't let me import or register a CAD spec car, I'd get double taxation. I know my way around currency conversions, spot rates etc so that's not a concern. I know Mercedes, BMW and Porsche all have Euro delivery at a decent savings but those are US spec cars and they are purchased in USD so it's really not the same concept. This is Tesla currency arbitrage. Where am I flawed? I know I'm about to respond with a huge "duhhhhhh" when someone points out the error in my logic but I'm not there yet.
Unless the law has changed, you cannot buy a new car from outside CA and register it here. The car has to have 7500 miles on it and is classified as a used car. In one instance I had to put 3500 miles on a used car before I could register it here in CA.
If you take delivery in Canada, you will also have to pay GST/HST sales tax. The least expensive jurisdiction is Alberta - GST = 5%. Nova Scotia is the highest HST at 15%.

Also - although unlikely under current economic conditions, The Canadian Dollar could rise prior to delivery, and actually cost you more.