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  1. N

    Getting ready for my MYLR. Anything I have to do before pick up?

    Hi, Ordered my MYLR on March 26, 2022. Currently, EDD is supposed to be Octorber 26-November 23. Very excited to pick up my Tesla next month. However, since this is my first time buying a car, I would like to know if there is anything or a process I need to follow before picking up the vehicle...
  2. headhz

    Timeline delivery dates misleading.

    If you order, at least a Model Y Performance, know that the website says Sept.-Oct., but once you’re done filling everything out and giving an order fee, your app will say late Nov-end of Dec. This maybe acceptable to many on the forum because of the demand for the vehicle, but this doesn’t...
  3. J

    Took Delivery then Loan Check was cancelled

    I took delivery of my Model 3 a month ago and was approved for a loan from my credit union greater than the final purchase price (including trade-in credit). Basically I was approved for up to $43,500 and the final vehicle price (including trade in credit) ended up around $39,500. At my delivery...
  4. D

    Help! Accidentally paid in full

    Help! I was trying to make a down payment in the application using Plaid, but it went straight to paid in full. I had intended on financing a solid chunk of the loan. Transfer has not happened yet, waiting for local sales branch to open. Will they be able to change it? Have not taken delivery...
  5. P

    Ordering a Model S?

    Anyone ordering a Tesla Model S and really don’t want to wait the 5 to 6 months for a delivery? I currently have one on order with a delivery of September / October that I decided not to take delivery of. The price is $5,000 cheaper than ordering one currently, and I’m willing to transfer my RN...
  6. A

    Delivery Day Rescheduling

    I received my VIN on Monday and scheduled delivery on Tuesday for the following Monday but have yet to receive the “your vehicle has been loaded onto a trailer” text. Should I be worried that my delivery will be rescheduled for a later date or maybe that this VIN was previously rejected? For...
  7. V

    Anyone in South Jersey with August EDD?

    I recently upgraded my MYLR blk|blk|induction to a MYP on 7/28. Yesterday, my EDD updated to Aug 22 - Sept 5. Today it’s Aug 13 - Aug 24. No VIN yet but it’s hard not to get a little excited. Just curious if anyone has similar EDD in the area.
  8. S

    How to find out even an estimated quarter of an estimated year of delivery?

    In Europe, Croatia. I ordered my Model S on Jan 20th, 2021. I have been waiting for a year and a half now, and there isn't even an estimated date on the car in my account any more. It used to say Q3 2021, then end of 2021, when Q1 2021, and since then, nothing. I ordered this juuuust before...
  9. R

    Tesla is delivering cars to home illegally, I think....Watch out!

    My new MYLR Tesla was delivered to my home 2 days ago. No temporary tags, no registration was filed. Nothing. I cannot drive my new car because they were too lazy to file the state registration and get temporary tags. This might be nothing more than (severe) aggravation, but here is my other...
  10. C

    Delayed delivery due to trucking delays.

    I was supposed to take delivery today but Tesla delayed the delivery as the truck didn’t arrive. They are pushing me to take delivery on the 30th June due to their end of quarter push but I have medical appointments the next two days possibly requiring in patient stay. No other family can take...
  11. joexn

    Looking to speak to people whose deliveries are still 'paused' pending software updates.

    If you have an active delivery/collection which has been paused by Tesla, please drop a reply below. If you have EAP/FSD and have recently taken delivery of a car, also interested to hear from you.
  12. B

    My MX is ready 6 months early—what now?

    I have a MX with 6 months more on the lease. Given supply chain issues, I ordered a new MX (Plaid) about 2-3 months ago to make sure I had the new one before my current MX lease expires. The original delivery window I was given was Oct-Dec. But I just got a text asking me to schedule delivery...
  13. L

    Got the “JUNE” confirmation text, and then one day into the 2 week EDD window, the window got pushed to July 20th to August.

    MYLR, OD 10/25/21, PC 11/17/21, Whitle/While, 19’ Wheels, 5 Seats. I got a text message from my SA asking saying that my MY in going to be built and delivered in June and asks me to reply ”JUNE” to confirm, so I did. My EDD changed from July 15th to August something to June 20th-July 4th. This...
  14. B

    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I didn't see anyone make a thread for June 2022 orders. So here we go! :p I placed my order on 06/14/2022 for my MYLR in MSM on 20’’ Induction Wheels, 5 seater, No tow or FSD. I currently an est. delivery date of Jan-Apr 2023. I've seen people have their delivery date moved sooner than the...
  15. G

    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    I just took delivery of a 2022 model x 5 seats, I placed this order last year(2021) in February. My motor vehicle order agreement states that I get unlimited free supercharging but this is not the cases as it says pay as you go on the vehicle. Any idea on what I can do to get this activated or...
  16. M

    Few questions before I purchase my first Model 3

    Test drove a M3 today and fell in love. I’m completely new to EVs and Teslas in general so want to figure somethings out before I make the purchase. 1. Is it worth stepping up to the long range for the extra miles? I did some research and it looks like all M3 RWD cars come with LFP batteries...
  17. M

    Model Y delivery and trade in question

    Hi, I had ordered my model y last year in September. It was suppose to be delivered in March but got delayed to August. a week back, I went in and added FSD to my built and what you know my EDD now in two weeks and have VIN assigned. I have no intention of keeping FSD and I see the remove...
  18. White2021MDL3

    Just Received Cyber Truck Delivery

    We just received our Cyber Truck.
  19. A

    Trade in US model 3 for Taiwan delivery?

    Family wants to be move back to Taiwan, but we love our Model 3 Performance. Does anyone have experience finding a freight forwarder in US that is still willing to bring vehicles to Taiwan? Preferably from Texas or California? If not, I have been thinking if it was possible to trade-in our...
  20. T

    First time buyer, confused about what to do now?

    Hi all, Sorry for asking some stupid questions here. I am first time Tesla buyer with absolute 0 previous experience. I placed an order on MSLR back in Jan 3rd. At that time, the EDD is 2nd half of 2022 and I wasn't in hurry anyway. I checked tesla app occasionally in the past and the EDD...
  21. P

    Earlier delivery dates for newer orders?

    I just ordered a MYLR a few days ago. Got a delivery date of August 2022. Same build now is 3390 more but delivery is May 2022. Common for this to happen? Is it likely they'll move my date up or theirs back?
  22. M

    Just ordered my 2018 P100D!

    Just ordered a used P100d on tesla.com. Can’t wait to take delivery. They said the car it’s in Las Vegas so I wonder how long would it take to get it from Vegas to LA. Will keep sharing my timeline.
  23. A

    First loan payment not due until 30 days after delivery?

    Is this true? I've been trying to get a hold of my bank guy for a week or more and he's either not answering the phone or out of the office. I managed to get him the info and he said he would pull my credit and get back to me on rates. That was last Friday... My delivery is this Saturday and...
  24. A

    Midnight Silver Metallic MYP

    MYP Midnight Silver Metallic/White Interior No Tow Package/No FSD Order Date: 1/19/22 EDD 1: March 14, 2022- March 31, 2022 EDD 2: March 4, 2022 - March 31, 2022 Location: NE Ohio Vin: Waiting :( MSM Model YP's seem like they're taking a lot longer than other colors. Anyone else having no...
  25. invincibl

    Australia Model 3 - Delivery waiting room

    Starting a thread for people who have got the final invoice and just waiting for the delivery date to be scheduled. Model - Model 3 RWD Order Date - 29/11/21 VIN - allocated Build/Compliance Date - 11/01/2022 Odometer - 4KM :)
  26. Maximillan

    What to expect taking delivery of your Model 3

    With the impending arrival in Port Kembla of the first boat in 2022, I thought that I would summarise my delivery experience in November 2021 in case it’s helpful in knowing what to expect and the steps in the process. Your experience will differ (e.g. they won’t be telling you that “they all...
  27. J

    When to tint?

    Just received my first Tesla (2022 MYLR) yesterday and am very excited. I made an appointment to get my windows tinted/coated next week but I also made a service for delivery issues. The Tesla service will be a few weeks after the tint work. Is it better to get the tinting done after the Tesla...
  28. K

    Should I take delivery of this Model 3 LR?

    I ordered a Model 3 LR with quoted delivery window of Mar - April. My sales rep called and said that he had a vehicle available for me but it has a damage waiver. The HV battery pack has been replace with a $0.00 repair cost. I am unsure if I should take delivery of this vehicle. Is there...
  29. B

    Should I Accept Delivery of Model X with Front Drive Unit Issue?

    After waiting one year for the car, my delivery date for the Model X LR was set for this afternoon. I got a call from the service center 3 hours before saying an alert popped up for the front drive unit and that it will probably need to be replaced. When they say it has been replaced, would you...
  30. R

    Estimated Delivery date in 1 day, lol

    Hello, I think My delivery date is getting crazy, 12/20 my delivery date was updated to 12/22-12/31 (from July 2022), then 12/22, my delivery date was updated to 12/26-12/31, and then 12/27, which is today, my delivery date was updated to 12/29-12/31, What’s the chance of them actually giving...
  31. A

    Skipping Delivery 2nd Time - Will Tesla Cancel my order?

    I order Model Y in Aug. Got assigned a VIN end of Oct and scheduled delivery on Nov 12. Then I realized Biden’s BBB could get me $8k EV credit should it pass, so I skipped delivery and took the VIN off of my order. My 2nd delivery date in the system was showing as Jan 14-Feb 10, as of...
  32. B

    Wait time for new X is >1 year, but lease is coming up...

    My lease comes up in December of 2022. I'd like to upgrade to a new MX, but when I checked on delivery times just now, it says January 2023. Can I order a new one now, in the hope that there won't be too much of a gap between when my lease ends (12/20 I think) and when I get the new MX? Would...
  33. K

    I'm Ready by December 9th

    Hi Guys, Your Model Y order is set to cancel soon. If you still intend to take delivery, please sign in to your Tesla Account and select “I’m Ready” by December 9, 2021. If your order remains on hold on December 9, 2021, or is placed on hold again, it will automatically be canceled and your...
  34. trus

    Model X delivery delayed; anyone else?

    My Model X was intended to come in January. However, I logged onto the Tesla website yesterday to discover that it was changed to Feburary. Thing is, it NEVER notified me about this. Has anyone else experienced this undercover delay?
  35. Leejmoff

    Delivery without USB-C ports and wireless phone charging

    I'm due to pick up my car on Wednesday and just got this ridiculous text from Tesla saying: qte Due to the global supply chain challenges impacting the industry, your Model 3 maybe delivered without the two usb-c ports and wireless charging functionality in the front of your vehicle. You will...
  36. A

    Major Change In Edd

    So my edd is estimated originally suppose to be in January. Then it changed to feb- March then it up dated to December 18th - 31st. Spoke with my advisor it states that it’s going to be delivered in the 26th of December. Now I go into my app to order another key and I see it just says Edd June...
  37. G

    Delivery process has left an extremely sour taste in my mouth

    Sorry in advance for the long post! Basically just looking for advice or seeing if anyone has any similar experiences cause I'm at a loss for what to do next. Here's the story (to skip the backstory go to the ******): I put an order in early this year for a blue M3 SR+ and got an estimated...
  38. L

    Delivery day is next week and I’ve Misplaced (lost) my driving licence

    Hey, I’m due to pick up my M3 next week and I’ve lost my driving licence and can’t find it anywhere! A replacement won’t be here in time for collection. I have a scan of my licence, do you think this along side a licence check completed in the morning will be suitable? I can print both of...
  39. T

    Model Y UK Delivery

    Finally made the move and ordered the model Y. Is there are tracker to find out where we stand and when the cars will be shipped to the UK? My order number is RN1158565## and wonder where I stand with the rest of the community that ordered one. :)
  40. B

    Tesla’s Shanghai Factory is really pushing hard with the "Model Y" by increasing it's daily output

    Tesla’s Shanghai Factory’s Daily Output Of "Model Y" Has Increased Significantly, With News That It Has Reached 1,600 Vehicles In September
  41. C

    Co-signing docs

    I’m getting my delivery tomorrow and just completed the document acceptance. My wife is also on the title and the app says that the co-signer needs to accept to complete the process. Problem is that I can’t figure out how to get the docs available to her to accept. Do we need a second app account?
  42. danaleighton

    Delivery travails

    So, here goes - second posting. Please excuse any oversights. Wanted to share my experience and see if this is normal in Tesla sales & delivery world. Model Y long range ordered June 24. Got the delivery window notification late last week to select a date and time between Sept 27-30 (car is...
  43. vsansal

    Do not subscribe to FSD on delivery before confirming Auto Pilot works after calibration

    I got delivery of my MYP a little over a month ago. I traded my Model 3 with EAP so, getting used to that, I wanted to subscribe to FSD to have navigate on autopilot and auto park from day one. Little that I know, my autopilot was faulty and didn't work from the factory. Of course you don't know...
  44. B

    Schedule to pick up tomorrow but I’m not ready, can I swap with someone?

    So, I got an email last Wednesday, saying that the car will be here on Tuesday it was kind of last minute and due to personal reason I’m unable to take it this close. I’ve read that some people swapped place with someone so I Was wondering if anyone have similar config to mine and have...
  45. DeanJohno

    UK 2021 Model 3 Q4 collection and deliveries

    Hi - I've set this up to discuss the upcoming Q4 allocations, deliveries and news. Mine has been pushed back for October allocation and November delivery - after lease company issues. I have gone through a lease company (NHS Fleet Solutions) with the lease company being VW Group and...
  46. K

    CH/DE/AU Waiting Room

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the forum and already love to read people's stories about their Tesla. To make it quick, I decided to open this thread to allow people to share their experience waiting for their car to be delivered. I've seen a similar but more general thread, and I thought it...
  47. F

    Model Y window trim

    Anyone know if this is the door showing bare aluminum or is it the window trim that’s chipped? Would you make Tesla replace it? MY is two weeks old noticed after delivery appointment schedule. See images
  48. Z

    Tesla Agreement has incorrect information. No word from Advisor.

    Good morning all :) I just received my VIN yesterday, yays! However, the information listed on the Tesla agreement paperwork isn't completely correct. Little background: I live in NH and my closet pickup location is in NJ, 275 miles away, so I don't really want to make the trip for pickup to...
  49. onyxbanx

    Touchless home delivery questions

    Hello all! I have a touchless home delivery scheduled for Friday, 07/30. The only available times are during my workday, so only my boyfriend will be home. Both his and my names are on the registration for the Tesla. Additionally, we are trading in a vehicle registered under my father's name...
  50. L

    Delivery estimates, factory queues, and how to not muck it up

    I spoke with a rep at the SC and she kindly explained how the delivery queue works. I didn't see this elsewhere in the forum so I thought I'd share. I live in San Francisco, CA and I'm waiting for my M3 LR that I ordered back in June, over 6 weeks ago. The original delivery estimate was 8-12...

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