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  1. B

    Schedule to pick up tomorrow but I’m not ready, can I swap with someone?

    So, I got an email last Wednesday, saying that the car will be here on Tuesday it was kind of last minute and due to personal reason I’m unable to take it this close. I’ve read that some people swapped place with someone so I Was wondering if anyone have similar config to mine and have...
  2. DeanJohno

    UK 2021 Model 3 Q4 collection and deliveries

    Hi - I've set this up to discuss the upcoming Q4 allocations, deliveries and news. Mine has been pushed back for October allocation and November delivery - after lease company issues. I have gone through a lease company (NHS Fleet Solutions) with the lease company being VW Group and...
  3. K

    CH/DE/AU Waiting Room

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the forum and already love to read people's stories about their Tesla. To make it quick, I decided to open this thread to allow people to share their experience waiting for their car to be delivered. I've seen a similar but more general thread, and I thought it...
  4. F

    Model Y window trim

    Anyone know if this is the door showing bare aluminum or is it the window trim that’s chipped? Would you make Tesla replace it? MY is two weeks old noticed after delivery appointment schedule. See images
  5. Z

    Tesla Agreement has incorrect information. No word from Advisor.

    Good morning all :) I just received my VIN yesterday, yays! However, the information listed on the Tesla agreement paperwork isn't completely correct. Little background: I live in NH and my closet pickup location is in NJ, 275 miles away, so I don't really want to make the trip for pickup to...
  6. onyxbanx

    Touchless home delivery questions

    Hello all! I have a touchless home delivery scheduled for Friday, 07/30. The only available times are during my workday, so only my boyfriend will be home. Both his and my names are on the registration for the Tesla. Additionally, we are trading in a vehicle registered under my father's name...
  7. L

    Delivery estimates, factory queues, and how to not muck it up

    I spoke with a rep at the SC and she kindly explained how the delivery queue works. I didn't see this elsewhere in the forum so I thought I'd share. I live in San Francisco, CA and I'm waiting for my M3 LR that I ordered back in June, over 6 weeks ago. The original delivery estimate was 8-12...
  8. M

    Delivery date wait time for M3P longer than LR?

    I ordered a white M3P a couple weeks ago and the delivery date keeps changing. I’ve read this is common but am wondering if I’ll be waiting longer for the performance model than I would if I had chosen the LR. I’m sure they don’t produce as many M3Ps as LR. Just curious
  9. S

    Home delivery the only option?

    I'm in Bellevue, WA, about ~20 minutes drive to a Tesla store. Recently got the text asking me to book a delivery appointment. Yet I found the home delivery is the only option. How does Tesla determine the delivery method? Given the poor QC I heard from the forum, I do want to go to a delivery...
  10. B

    Delivery times of Tesla Model-Y (June-July orders)

    I ordered a LR-Grey-19-Hitch-BlackLeather on July 5th. (Toronto, Ontario - Oakville) Tesla mentione that my Delivery wil be sometime in September, but I've also heard that they generally deliver earlier. Q1 - Is it true that they delivery earlier in like 4 weeks or so ? Q2 - Whats the...
  11. D

    Next Steps Final Payment Issue

    Hi all! I got an email saying to complete the final payment for next steps. I log into my account, but there is not place to enter my bank info. I've been waiting for a VIN. I'm in LA, and I ordered a SR at the end of March btw. If anyone could help out that would be great! Also the EDD kept...
  12. B

    VIN assigned and removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state in NY. Did agree to pay $1000 transportation cost as part of order. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with a delivery date from Tesla Advisor. Same vehicle and VIN showed up in Tesla account also. One day later...
  13. B

    VIN assigned with delivery confirmation then VIN removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state. Did agree to pay transportation costs too. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with order confirmation with delivery date from Tesla Advisor. One day later advisor sends text that my vehicle will not be delivered...
  14. R

    Lease Application Approval - Change in Address

    Hi all, New to the forum and excited to hopefully be a MY owner! I have a question that's rather silly but hoping someone can shed light. My least application got approved two weeks ago and my delivery is next Tuesday. By chance, I asked my SA to move my registration of plates to a different...
  15. M

    Extremely poor delivery experience from Mt. Kisco, NY

    Yesterday, my wife and I drove 235 miles from Central New York to Mt. Kisco for a 2:00pm appointment to pick up my new Model Y. About 20 minutes after checking in, a sales associate greeted me and took me to my car. To my surprise and disappointment, I immediately saw that the vehicle had a...
  16. J

    How to navigate to Estimated Delivery?

    Hey there, hoping someone here can help, waiting for SA to get back to me. How do I find the estimated delivery from my Tesla account? Ordered back in December and haven’t heard a peep. Thanks in advance.
  17. L

    In-State Driver's License (Georgia) for Delivery?

    Hi Team TMC, First post here as I await delivery of my M3 Dual Motor. I wanted to get the community's input on something I was told by my Sales Advisor at the store in Atlanta where my car will be delivered. Back story: I'm moving from California to Atlanta on a tight timeline on July 1 (as...
  18. B

    Model Y - No VIN, Delivery

    Hey all! I’m new here! I have been so anxious about my model Y and just cannot wait haha. I ordered my pearl white LR AWD MY, no tow, 7 seats, w/ white interior on March 28th and still have yet to receive a VIN. Initially the delivery date range was April 27 - May 17 and I cannot even tell you...
  19. T

    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    We picked up a new Tesla Model Y - Long Range Dual Motor on April 6 2021. This is what it looked like on delivery.
  20. Persfoto

    My Delivery Of my Model 3 Performance inside the Tesla factory

    Last week they delivered my 2021 model 3 Performance car from the Tesla Factory in Tilburg. A great experience. I made a short video of it including the ride inside the factory. The video can be found here My Model 3 Performance Normally you are not allowed to film or photograph inside, but...
  21. O

    [Massachusetts, USA] Payment timing?

    So, delivery for my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD is scheduled for next Saturday. I haven't handed in the insurance info that shows the Tesla as already registered, nor the down payment(I am financing through Tesla's partners). I see that some people wait until actually seeing the car, but I wasn't sure...
  22. D

    Delivery day Dissatisfaction

    Hey everyone, I’m not sure if anyone else had such a frustrating experience as I did. Days leading up to delivery, I was being rushed to get my car loan and auto insurance all set up. I was suddenly being assigned to a delivery day on a Wednesday, with only a 24 hour notice, and I still have...
  23. K

    MYLR delivery declined-no pre-delivery interior inspection

    I ordered MYLR on 3/4 and received a VIN and just a couple of days later a delivery date of 3/11. I'm in South Florida and was told the car was in Orlando. It had not shown up in inventory a day before but it was built 2/14. I asked if there were any problems on file and although told "no" I...
  24. D

    Delivery checklist

    Hi, Does anyone have a good exhaustive checklist of the issues I should be looking out for when I pick up my (first) MY next week? I will be driving a long distance and really hoping that I get lucky with build quality. Apologies as I'm sure this has been asked before -- I tried to use the...
  25. C

    Getting Model Y serviced, a documentary, Episode 1 - Identifying Delivery Issues

    Episode 1 -
  26. haggis444

    Title/License Plate Transfer

    I took delivery on 12/19, and before hand I asked Tesla to transfer some "logo" license plates I had to my new MS. I assumed (incorrectly) I could use my old plates on the MS right away. But on delivery they stated I have to wait for them to send me the registration with the transfer completed...
  27. inspace2020

    Christmas Delivery Delays

    Has anyone else gotten a text from Tesla about their delivery delayed that were expecting in the next few days? My scheduled pickup date was supposed to be Saturday. I just got a text message (on Christmas Eve!) that they will have to push my date back to Monday. No real explanation. Not sure...
  28. B

    VIN Confirmed! (84xxx)

    So I was wondering, will I be seeing any new features in the 84,000+ VIN? Updated battery, console refresh?
  29. B

    Delivery Schedule Call

    Hi, So I completed filling out all of the application and bank information for my new Model Y. My account's been put on hold for a while because I wanted to wait until they fixed all the quality issues. When I called them today, the Tesla center said that they'll reactivate my account and just...
  30. D

    Cancelled my MS order out of frustration

    Before I go on this rant, big shout-out to everyone on this forum who is just so awesomely helpful. So much better than Tesla's actual "customer service". I swear if Tesla fired their top 10 customer service people and replaced them with random people from this message board, they'd probably...
  31. U

    payment questions

    Do Canadian buyers have to pre-pay for the car prior to delivery, or can they just bring a bank draft on the same day? Also, since the deposit is "fully refundable" but new cars are no longer eligible for returns, does that mean any payment beyond the initial deposit is non-refundable?
  32. VanillaAir_UK

    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    A thread to discuss orders, deliveries and collections (and all things related) for vehicles expected to be delivered during 2021. This thread supersedes the 2019/20 Orders and Deliveries thread. For each quarter, this Wiki page shows the estimated/actual delivery, shipping dates and vehicle...
  33. ehacke

    Is it even worth the effort to call Tesla about order status?

    As is noted throughout this forum, Tesla could stand to work on their communication skills. I'm in the basically the same boat as everyone else. Bought awhile ago (Sept 24), waiting on delivery. Since I placed the order online, no communication. This seems to be normal though kind of crazy...
  34. BZM3

    My Model Y Pick-up Experience and Car Quality/Feel

    Thought I'd share my pickup experience from today. Purchased new Model Y Long Range, White exterior, black interior, 19'' wheels. Car had a small paint blemish above the right rear wheel, our sales agent made note and added it to their system so that it's repair will be free of charge and at...
  35. D

    Home delivery on new Model S, far away from Service Center

    When ordering my Model S last week, I was told on the order page that I was not able to get delivery to my area, something that contradicts Tesla's own FAQ: What if I live far away from the nearest Service Center? If you live more than 360 km from the closest Service Center, your vehicle can be...
  36. S

    help me assemble a delivery checklist

    Hi folks, I finally got word that my September delivery Model Y will arrive 1st week of November. Time to prepare. I recall reading that several of you avoided discovering a build problem weeks or months into ownership by arriving at the delivery service center with a checklist of items to...
  37. D

    Home delivery or no?

    Just ordered a Model S. After entering my address I was told I would have to pick it up at the Service Center in Vancouver BC. But then I read this on the Tesla delivery FAQ (Canada): What if I live far away from the nearest Service Center? If you live more than 360 km from the closest Service...
  38. A

    Model Y Ordering & Delivery in AZ Oct 2020

    I ordered my LR AWD Model Y online on Thursday, 10/1/20. I went through all the steps required, including info on my trade-in ( a 2009 RAV4A). I got Tesla's trade-in offer the same day. The next day, I took the RAV4 to Carmax to get their appraisal. Carmax offered me $2100 more than Tesla, so...
  39. B

    List of Issues (with new ones arising...)

    So we picked up a Model Y Performance last Thursday. Delivery experience was poor, and we've had all of these issues, with a couple new ones I found today (and I had my first mobile service appointment today too). 1) Frunk Alignment (minor) 2) Driver Side (DS) Mirror Cap Scratches 3) DS Front...
  40. sublimejackman

    The Delivery Saga... Anyone

    Am I taking crazy pills or is this just the new norm for Tesla? Like I ordered a M3 in May. Did all the paperwork and made the down payment in August. But I still don't have the car! Targeted delivery date was the last week of August, then the First week of September and then it was supposed to...
  41. apcautospa

    Vendor New Vehicle Delivery - White Glove Service at APC Auto Spa!

    New Tesla owners can now identify APC Auto Spa as the delivery destination to take delivery with confidence. Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of having a professional detailer with you when your new Tesla gets delivered. We will meet you at the dealer in either Bellevue or Seattle...
  42. mhcrowder

    Delivery Experience with Tesla has been Terrible! (Raleigh, NC)

    I'm not sure what others are experiencing, but my experience with getting pre-delivery information has been terrible. I've got a delivery in Raleigh, NC scheduled for this Sunday (9/20). When I placed my order, I got a call from a SA and even got a nice overnight test drive. That got me all...
  43. eyedub

    Delivery question and hatchback issue

    Is it possible to tell if the Tesla vehicle you accepted at delivery was rejected upon delivery by another previous customer and if so why it was rejected? Background: I am in DC (not near Tesla factory!). We ordered the MY on June 17. We were told it would be 8 week minimum for the new...
  44. S

    Should I take my car to PPF service right after delivery?

    Although it may come early, I'm scheduled to pick up my TM3 on Sunday, Sep 13th. I've already talked and texted with the manager at the shop where I plan to take my vehicle for PPF & ceramic coating. He recommends bringing it to him directly after I pick up my car. The reasoning is sound - i...
  45. K

    Vin assigned, ordered a week ago Performance

    So i ordered last week, and now i saw a MVPA uploaded to my account and a VIN, does that mean that the car is already done manufactured and is waiting to be delivered in this upcoming week? I ordered a s performance, it says 15 miles odometer in my MVPA so i know its not a used performance they...
  46. Sphinxhunter

    Collection Day

    Hi guys. Collected my car yesterday (or rather friday now) and could use some advice about some issues, 1. The car was find but has lots of glue like substances all over the car, this came off when wiped so hopefully it will all come off when detailed. 2. I picked the car up from stockport...
  47. spehanich

    Haven’t heard anything from Tesla

    A couple of years ago, when I purchased a 2015 Subaru Outback. I received welcome letters from Subaru, a subscription to theIr magazine highlighting destinations , a nice pull over, a backpack and finally an offer to donate to a charity instead of receiving more gifts. When I picked up my 2020...
  48. J

    99.5% Perfect Delivery - Brooklyn NY

    PUP, 33xxx, Blue on Black, order 6/22, delayed 6/27 (was not in town), picked up 8/7. Car was in 99% perfect condition, just 2 items had to be addressed: 1) Driver's door was ever so slightly not flush with rear door; you could only tell if you compared to passenger side. Delivery advisor...
  49. J

    Delivery Delay - from Tesla trade-in pay off delay

    FWIW - Our Y scheduled delivery was canceled. no explanation... upon digging, we learned that even though we had paid off 100% , and were scheduled for delivery of the car.. it now said we owed $67.07 and so they scratched delivery, till we paid off the balance.... Turns out... since Tesla's...
  50. Sphinxhunter


    Hi all, Just received the Tesla Invoice and I've got a couple of questions if anyone can help, 1. Where do i find the VIN so I can track the car? - Ignore this Found it :) 2. It's showing the odometer as 30 miles - could this be an ex demo rather than brand new? Thanks,

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