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  1. C

    Direct Delivery No Longer Available?

    Is Tesla stopping their direct delivery? I just got my text to schedule my delivery, and I live about 5-10 miles away from the Buena Park Center and was told that they no longer do direct delivery and only option is to pick up from the dealer. The rep I spoke to said they only offered direct...
  2. ldcrsmode

    Vendor 🔍 Seeking Early Cybertruck Owners/Deliveries for a Special Project! 🔍 AZ/SoCal

    Hello TMC Community! We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for those who have early reservations or deliveries of the incredible Tesla Cybertruck! 🚀 As a Tesla accessory company, we're in the process of developing high-quality and custom-fit floor mats exclusively designed for...
  3. T

    Ordered a model 3 in western Canada from inventory "coming soon"

    Newbie here,was thinking about getting a Tesla MY for a while but then we go with M3 after test drives both. Actually it was a 50/50 but then last week I saw the -$5000 from tesla came back plus federal incentives so it will be a total of $-10000,plus our favorite colour with grey as they...
  4. H

    Next ship to Stavanger from Zeeburgge?

    Does anyone know when next ship to Stavanger arrives. Last known location is Zeeburgge. Estimated delivery 10. July Tesla Haugesund said.
  5. Y

    Rockville, Maryland Tesla manager

    In order to be more efficient, you should have one central check in sign in person for all deliveries. Right now the check-in person that you have does several different jobs resulting in confusion for that person and for anyone checking in for a delivery. This would promote efficiency and you...
  6. T

    Just had my MYLR delivered today but have a silly question

    Hi all! New comer here who just joined the Tesla family today. I had my MYLR delivered today, which looked pretty cool and solid. After careful examination, I found one tiny paint defect on A pillar - see the photo. Having read people’s stories on reporting paint issues to Tesla at the...
  7. T

    Delivery POA Question

    Hello, I will be picking up my Model 3 in a week. I will be doing a trade-in of my current car that my dad is a co-owner of. I will be the only owner of the Tesla. Here's my question: Does my dad need to be present at the signing/delivery or not? It will be near impossible for him to make it as...
  8. T

    Australia Q3 (Jul - Sep) MY Orders

    Anyone else prematurely excited?
  9. T

    Delivery Sydney

    Received a VIN early April 23 (3 RWD) - 3rd update to delivery date in the past month from Tesla ...now 21 May - 11 June I suspect due to port delays - anyone know if my vehicle is likely to be on the Viking Passama currently off the coast of Pt Kembla? or should I not hold out those hopes? (I...
  10. 4

    Social Media and Posts on here starting to give me anxiety.

    I have a Model 3 on order and decided to look on Social Media and on here to get a sense of how Delivery would go. I fell down a rabbit hole of horror stories and terrible Service Center experiences and am now I am starting to second guess even going through with purchasing the car. I know there...
  11. B

    New customer - Co-restraint email sign up/license issue

    Hello my new family. Hopefully. I ordered a tesla model 3 that will be delivered this Saturday. I am in long island ny. My co-restraint and i are stuck, my co-restraints link is not letting him add his photo id and SSC info. When we press manage in the picture below it only refreshes the page...
  12. N

    Model Y existing inventory delivery time disappeared

    Hi! I ordered model y on Feb 5 and initially delivery window was 2/11-3/11. Two weeks ago it just disappeared. Does anyone experience the same? I got vin immediately after ordering
  13. Ostrichsak

    Took Delivery of MY LR in Colorado, No Gratis Mud Flaps & PPF?

    I'm curious what the deal is with this. I read some saying that some regions get these items installed gratis. Some said their MY had them installed already at delivery while others said that their SA informed them to schedule in the app to have them installed as they didn't have the parts at...
  14. S

    MY Standard Range 4680 - Delivery Date Range Disappeared

    Hello! First time posting. Please let me know if this is already being discussed in another thread. I'm hoping to find others in the same scenario as me - I ordered my Standard Range AWD 460 on 2/9, and immediately had a VIN with a delivery range of 2/16 to 3/16. Ten days ago, the delivery...
  15. N

    Paint issues with model Y 2023 upon delivery

    I just delivery of Model Y 2023 and I noticed a tiny paint issue at the corner of the lift gate. Tesla agreed to fix it but they will send the car to body shop to repaint a section of the lift gate. I don’t know whether I should let them fix it or not since it requires repaint a section of lift...
  16. John Lim

    Still no VIN assigned when Model Y delivery date is so close: Should I be worried?

    It says delivery between 2/17-2/26, and yet still no VIN assigned. Should I be worried that Tesla will push back the delivery date to March? (If they push it back, I am screwed since then I won't get the $7500 EV tax credit 🥲)
  17. M

    MP3 - Model 3 Performance - Winter Delivery - Mt Kisco - Summer Tire Concerns - Swap to 18" setup on Delivery Day

    Model 3 Performance - Mt Kisco delivery. In an effort to prepare for the possibility of freezing temps and or snow, during the long journey home, I’d like an 18” setup for winter ready to go at delivery. Will Tesla accept delivery of aftermarket wheel/tire packages ordered online and shipped...
  18. J

    Tesla rescheduled my delivery before one day.

    Hello everyone. I’m new to this community and I want to share my current situation. And want to listen that my situation is normal or common. I ordered model 3 on 2/6/23 and received vin at same time. I live in CA(OC). I received “schedule sms” on 2/14/2023 and scheduled delivery on 2/17/2023...
  19. A

    Can I return my tow hitch? (delivery in a few days...)

    I realised that the two hitch was included in my initial order without knowing I can remove that. I have paid for my model Y LR and it will be delivered next week (already have a VIN) but I would like to remove that accessory and return it to tesla, ideally for a refund. Would that be possible...
  20. F

    2023 Model Y Unacceptable Build Quality and Issues

    Hello All! I want to share my experience with the delivery of my Model Y yesterday (1/25/2023) a Burbank CA. The car was parked outside and the agent asked me to look around, I started seeing cosmetics issues, Paint bleeding, Scratches, Misalignment, wiring harness and others. The agent...
  21. S

    January 2023 LR Delivery

    What is the next step, in 2023 does the things get bit faster. Any experience this year on this kind of updates.
  22. JATinNH

    Buying from New Hampshire

    Was curious to hear from anyone living in New Hampshire who has recently purchased a Tesla and what delivery options were available. 4 years ago, I was able to have my Model 3 delivered straight to my home in NH. It was easy, convenient, and was done at no additional fee. It seems like things...
  23. V

    Horrible customer service after reservation Model Y

    I ordered a red demo model RN118191269 on December 14 via chat and asked to remove the enhanced autopilot. Agent told me the model was 68, 240 plus incentive and it was as a 2023 model. While insuring, I realized I was a 2022. December 15th, I scheduled delivery of that model with Kisco TESLA...
  24. C

    ACH on Sunday?

    Hi everyone, Have a delivery scheduled for MYP tomorrow Sunday at the Fremont factory for direct pickup. For personal reasons, I don't want to use Plaid platform transfer, and it's too late now to get a cashier check. I have some question about payment, hoping people here can share their...
  25. B

    Unable to get financed and can't pay for Tesla. What happens now?

    So I ordered a Model Y set to delivery December 2022 but it's November now and due to many unfortunate circumstances, I most likely won't be able to finance my vehicle. What happens now? Do I just cancel the Model Y order or just wait for it to be made? I've read that once the vehicle receives a...
  26. Y

    Model X Available

    I have a Model X delivery on hold. I'm looking to transfer the registration to another buyer. It's all black w/ 6-seat interior. 20" Cyberstream wheels, Cream interior w/ walnut decor. Yolk steering wheel, autopilot. Pls text if interested: +1 432/614.1528
  27. T

    "Premium headlights" but I thought it would be Matrix for Fremont MYLR?

    Hello, I am getting my Fremont MYLR today (F571) and an SA checked my vin and said it shows up with "premium headlights" which is the regular headlights and not the "global headlights" which is the matrix headlights. I have seen multiple Fremont MYLRs from last month with the Matrix. Did Tesla...
  28. A

    Model Y Performance - 2023 Delivery

    For your model Y Performance orders in the UK. What are your current quoted delivery estimates?
  29. N

    Getting ready for my MYLR. Anything I have to do before pick up?

    Hi, Ordered my MYLR on March 26, 2022. Currently, EDD is supposed to be Octorber 26-November 23. Very excited to pick up my Tesla next month. However, since this is my first time buying a car, I would like to know if there is anything or a process I need to follow before picking up the vehicle...
  30. headhz

    Timeline delivery dates misleading.

    If you order, at least a Model Y Performance, know that the website says Sept.-Oct., but once you’re done filling everything out and giving an order fee, your app will say late Nov-end of Dec. This maybe acceptable to many on the forum because of the demand for the vehicle, but this doesn’t...
  31. J

    Took Delivery then Loan Check was cancelled

    I took delivery of my Model 3 a month ago and was approved for a loan from my credit union greater than the final purchase price (including trade-in credit). Basically I was approved for up to $43,500 and the final vehicle price (including trade in credit) ended up around $39,500. At my delivery...
  32. D

    Help! Accidentally paid in full

    Help! I was trying to make a down payment in the application using Plaid, but it went straight to paid in full. I had intended on financing a solid chunk of the loan. Transfer has not happened yet, waiting for local sales branch to open. Will they be able to change it? Have not taken delivery...
  33. P

    Ordering a Model S?

    Anyone ordering a Tesla Model S and really don’t want to wait the 5 to 6 months for a delivery? I currently have one on order with a delivery of September / October that I decided not to take delivery of. The price is $5,000 cheaper than ordering one currently, and I’m willing to transfer my RN...
  34. A

    Delivery Day Rescheduling

    I received my VIN on Monday and scheduled delivery on Tuesday for the following Monday but have yet to receive the “your vehicle has been loaded onto a trailer” text. Should I be worried that my delivery will be rescheduled for a later date or maybe that this VIN was previously rejected? For...
  35. V

    Anyone in South Jersey with August EDD?

    I recently upgraded my MYLR blk|blk|induction to a MYP on 7/28. Yesterday, my EDD updated to Aug 22 - Sept 5. Today it’s Aug 13 - Aug 24. No VIN yet but it’s hard not to get a little excited. Just curious if anyone has similar EDD in the area.
  36. S

    How to find out even an estimated quarter of an estimated year of delivery?

    In Europe, Croatia. I ordered my Model S on Jan 20th, 2021. I have been waiting for a year and a half now, and there isn't even an estimated date on the car in my account any more. It used to say Q3 2021, then end of 2021, when Q1 2021, and since then, nothing. I ordered this juuuust before...
  37. R

    Tesla is delivering cars to home illegally, I think....Watch out!

    My new MYLR Tesla was delivered to my home 2 days ago. No temporary tags, no registration was filed. Nothing. I cannot drive my new car because they were too lazy to file the state registration and get temporary tags. This might be nothing more than (severe) aggravation, but here is my other...
  38. C

    Delayed delivery due to trucking delays.

    I was supposed to take delivery today but Tesla delayed the delivery as the truck didn’t arrive. They are pushing me to take delivery on the 30th June due to their end of quarter push but I have medical appointments the next two days possibly requiring in patient stay. No other family can take...
  39. joexn

    Looking to speak to people whose deliveries are still 'paused' pending software updates.

    If you have an active delivery/collection which has been paused by Tesla, please drop a reply below. If you have EAP/FSD and have recently taken delivery of a car, also interested to hear from you.
  40. B

    My MX is ready 6 months early—what now?

    I have a MX with 6 months more on the lease. Given supply chain issues, I ordered a new MX (Plaid) about 2-3 months ago to make sure I had the new one before my current MX lease expires. The original delivery window I was given was Oct-Dec. But I just got a text asking me to schedule delivery...
  41. L

    Got the “JUNE” confirmation text, and then one day into the 2 week EDD window, the window got pushed to July 20th to August.

    MYLR, OD 10/25/21, PC 11/17/21, Whitle/While, 19’ Wheels, 5 Seats. I got a text message from my SA asking saying that my MY in going to be built and delivered in June and asks me to reply ”JUNE” to confirm, so I did. My EDD changed from July 15th to August something to June 20th-July 4th. This...
  42. B

    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I didn't see anyone make a thread for June 2022 orders. So here we go! :p I placed my order on 06/14/2022 for my MYLR in MSM on 20’’ Induction Wheels, 5 seater, No tow or FSD. I currently an est. delivery date of Jan-Apr 2023. I've seen people have their delivery date moved sooner than the...
  43. G

    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    I just took delivery of a 2022 model x 5 seats, I placed this order last year(2021) in February. My motor vehicle order agreement states that I get unlimited free supercharging but this is not the cases as it says pay as you go on the vehicle. Any idea on what I can do to get this activated or...
  44. M

    Few questions before I purchase my first Model 3

    Test drove a M3 today and fell in love. I’m completely new to EVs and Teslas in general so want to figure somethings out before I make the purchase. 1. Is it worth stepping up to the long range for the extra miles? I did some research and it looks like all M3 RWD cars come with LFP batteries...
  45. M

    Model Y delivery and trade in question

    Hi, I had ordered my model y last year in September. It was suppose to be delivered in March but got delayed to August. a week back, I went in and added FSD to my built and what you know my EDD now in two weeks and have VIN assigned. I have no intention of keeping FSD and I see the remove...
  46. White2021MDL3

    Just Received Cyber Truck Delivery

    We just received our Cyber Truck.
  47. A

    Trade in US model 3 for Taiwan delivery?

    Family wants to be move back to Taiwan, but we love our Model 3 Performance. Does anyone have experience finding a freight forwarder in US that is still willing to bring vehicles to Taiwan? Preferably from Texas or California? If not, I have been thinking if it was possible to trade-in our...
  48. T

    First time buyer, confused about what to do now?

    Hi all, Sorry for asking some stupid questions here. I am first time Tesla buyer with absolute 0 previous experience. I placed an order on MSLR back in Jan 3rd. At that time, the EDD is 2nd half of 2022 and I wasn't in hurry anyway. I checked tesla app occasionally in the past and the EDD...
  49. P

    Earlier delivery dates for newer orders?

    I just ordered a MYLR a few days ago. Got a delivery date of August 2022. Same build now is 3390 more but delivery is May 2022. Common for this to happen? Is it likely they'll move my date up or theirs back?
  50. M

    Just ordered my 2018 P100D!

    Just ordered a used P100d on tesla.com. Can’t wait to take delivery. They said the car it’s in Las Vegas so I wonder how long would it take to get it from Vegas to LA. Will keep sharing my timeline.

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