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  1. E

    Any predictions for Q4?

    What are your guy’s predictions on what’s going to happen in Q4?
  2. cstromme

    Secret VIN — When and where?

    Waiting for a 7-seater Model X that we ordered almost 2 years ago, and I see that finally we got a delivery date for April-June of this year, which probably means May-June. I looked at the HTML here, but can't see a VIN, only the one for our current X. When does this usually appear in the code...
  3. R

    Tesla VIN removed from order

    So i ordered a model Y 5 weeks ago. A few hours ago the VIN was removed however the told me the car was already in Spain ready to be delivered to Denmark? Anyone knows anything about this behaviour? From what i can read online it means that've given my car away, something happend so that they...
  4. Ant M3

    Scammed by Tesla

    The day after the latest price drop I started the process of trading in my M3P for a MYLR based on the quoted figures given to me by the Tesla garage and online (both the same as you would expect). Had wait for Tesla and Blackhorse to update their system following the price drop (which they...
  5. YoPlaid

    Fastest time from order to delivery options?

    Anyone got reccomendations on which exterior colors I should pick. I was thinking white interior already hoping it will speed up delivery. No real color pref other than not black. Rather keep aero wheels and basic AP. Also does RWD car gets the in-app heated steering wheel upgrade option?
  6. C

    Winter tire package shipping

    I ordered the winter tire package back in August. I've had no updates on when the service center might receive them. Anyone have experience with the typical timeline?
  7. T

    Conflicting Info from Tesla for payment method? [and other financing questions]

    Hello everyone, I just placed my order on my Model 3 Standard Range (RWD). I have completed my profile and marked my account as “Cash” to get the profile complete for now. Based on my research, this seems right and Tesla Customer Service confirmed this by phone. However, I spoke to Tesla a...
  8. P

    Ordering a Model S?

    Anyone ordering a Tesla Model S and really don’t want to wait the 5 to 6 months for a delivery? I currently have one on order with a delivery of September / October that I decided not to take delivery of. The price is $5,000 cheaper than ordering one currently, and I’m willing to transfer my RN...
  9. W

    Model Y Performance order weird delays

    Hi All! Would anyone happen to have any thoughts / advice? I ordered a MYP w FSD on June 16th, with an original delivery estimate of ~August. The estimate has now slipped to Feb 2023 (!!) although new orders on the site are being quoted a Sept-Oct delivery. When I placed my order (for US...
  10. N

    Any other owners second guess if their next car should be another Tesla?

    Long time Model X owner here, late 2016 vintage. My wife is about due for a new vehicle as her current A4 is almost 13 years old and showing it’s age. We’ve been thinking about a Y or a 3 for her but I’m getting second thoughts with everything going on, including price hikes, delivery delays...
  11. K

    Opt-out of Arbitration without VIN

    Questions regarding opting out of Arbitration: 1) Once you get your VIN are folks sending a mail to Tesla ( from the order agreement ) to decline Arbitration? It says you can opt out of the arbitration agreement by mailing within 30 days of order, but I need to give them the VIN in the mail...
  12. sb415

    SA Discount

    Is it possible for an SA to give a discount when you order? Do they have the ability to provide free options like upgraded paint or wheels? I heard it’s better to place an order with an SA for this reason. But not sure if anyone else has experienced this.
  13. AZ Tim

    Model Y Ordering & Delivery in AZ Oct 2020

    I ordered my LR AWD Model Y online on Thursday, 10/1/20. I went through all the steps required, including info on my trade-in ( a 2009 RAV4A). I got Tesla's trade-in offer the same day. The next day, I took the RAV4 to Carmax to get their appraisal. Carmax offered me $2100 more than Tesla, so...
  14. TMC Staff

    Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck Orders Are Gigantic

    At the Battery Day event, the Cybertruck was displayed together with ATV, Roadster and Semi. Elon Musk revealed during Tesla Battery Day that the number of orders (actually pre-orders) for its extraordinary, all-electric Cybertruck pickup are “gigantic” (see IEVs coverage – 2:44:07). There are...
  15. adayley

    Who should buy second Tesla?

    We took delivery of a Model 3 for me a few months ago. We are going to order a Model Y for my wife. She has a tesla.com account so that she can use my Model 3. Should she place the order for the Model Y? Does it matter which Tesla account places the order?
  16. W

    Can you request a specific timeframe for delivery?

    I have a Mercedes GLS lease that is ending in 3 mo and wanting to place an order for a MY. Seeing a lot of variance within the 3-6wk timeframe. Some getting a vehicle in 2wks and others in 8-10ish. Can I place an order and then request a specific window?
  17. T

    Help! My Account Wont Let Me Input Info

    Hi everyone! I received my text message today to log on to my account and complete the delivery location, registration, trade-in and payment method, however, when I log in I can see the options but they won't drop down to add information to them... Anyone else have this problem? Tried calling...
  18. TMC Staff

    Tesla Will Lease You A Model Y For $499 Per Month

    Tesla is already offering Model Y leases. How do they compare to rivals? The Tesla Model Y is currently available in two “trim” levels: The Long Range and Performance. They both come standard with two motors and all-wheel drive. The Long Range starts at $49,990 after a recent price reduction...
  19. TMC Staff

    Tesla Lowers Model Y Prices: Sub $50,000 Entry Point

    The Long Range AWD version now starts at $49,990 (+DST), which is almost 6% less than previously Tesla recently updated its online design studio for the Tesla Model Y model in the U.S., posting a new lower price for both available versions of its latest cars. Just about four months after the...
  20. Electric Steve

    Can't apply referral code to existing Model Y order

    To be eligible for referral benefits, orders of Model S, Model X and Model 3 must be placed on or after Oct 1, 2019, and orders of Model Y must be placed on or after June 9, 2020. Awards will be provided to eligible customers after delivery. Orders of Cybertruck and used Tesla vehicles are not...
  21. TMC Staff

    Tesla Sold Under 150,000 Model 3s In Last 4 Quarters In The U.S.

    We can also estimate the Model Y sales. By the way of presenting the market potential for the Model Y, Tesla unknowingly revealed also the sales results for the Model 3 in the U.S. market. We say unknowingly because obviously the company has the data, but doesn’t want to report it to the public...
  22. TMC Staff

    In March, Tesla Model 3 Was Second Best-Selling Car In Portugal

    At 15% share, plug-ins were doing relatively strong in March overall too. The passenger car market in Portugal was significantly affected by COVID-19 in March, as the overall sales went down by 57% year-over-year. Fortunately, that’s not the case (yet) for the plug-in segment. The total number...
  23. TMC Staff

    Chinese-Made Tesla Model 3 Orders Skyrocket: 10 Orders In 1 Minute

    Thousands of orders for the RWD Long Range and AWD Performance Model 3 are booked. According to the reliable website, Tesmanian, orders for the Tesla Model 3 RWD Long Range, and AWD Performance have been robust since Tesla opened the order books two days ago. In fact, They are reporting that as...
  24. TMC Staff

    Musk: 'Demand For Cybertruck Is Above What Tesla Can Do In 4 Years'

    Tesla CEO said in the Q4 2019 earnings call the truck is better than people realize. Elon Musk was pretty excited about his company’s results in his talk to analysts. A lot is coming in the next two years, but it is no secret the Cybertruck is his favorite Tesla product ever. Despite the...
  25. ZachieD

    So happy with Model 3 car

    I’ve been reading the forums a lot since ordering and receiving my car. I just want to share for those waiting what a positive experience it was for me. The car came in perfect condition, within the timeframe of 4-6 weeks. It was better than I’d hoped. The updates keep coming and making it...
  26. MrG_NY

    My Order and Delivery Experience

    Friday 9/27 order in stock vehicle after talking to rep at noon. Friday 9/27 @2:30 p.m. speak with rep about stock being in NJ nd me in NY with rebate from state. Says to switch vehicle to a stock vehicle in NYC. OK lets do this Friday 9/28 call me @ 6 p.m. talk about logistics. Tell them I...
  27. TMC Staff

    Musk: Tesla Needs To Go " All Out" To Achieve All-Time Delivery Record

    Elon Musk stays focused on the goal, working on Tesla global logistics even on his 48th birthday. According to Bloomberg, Tesla‘s CEO Elon Musk wrote in an internal memo to employees, explaining that the company is on track for an all-time quarterly delivery record. To make it happen, however...
  28. TMC Staff

    Tesla Design Studio Now Legibly Shows Prices Before Savings

    The difference between purchase price and price after savings over several years could be roughly $10,000 Tesla’s online design studio was recently updated and now the first page offers a choice of two ways of showing the price of the cars: Purchase Price Include potential savings* * Costs above...
  29. M

    Do I order or wait?

    I had been waiting to order a STD Range model 3 (was going to order a MR last year but cancelled cause I was nervous about the payment). Now that I just finished with a refinancing of my home, I feel a little more comfortable, but am wondering if I should gamble and risk waiting for the last two...
  30. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Inventory Cars Now Viewable By All

    Now you can search for a Tesla Model 3 inventory car on Tesla’s website and get it delivered right away. Now that Tesla has some varied Model 3 inventory available, you may be able to find what you want without having to “build” your car. Prior to accessing the automaker’s online configurator to...
  31. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus Orders Open In Europe, China

    European Tesla fans have noted that the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is now available for ordering. Tesla unexpectedly delivered a lot of major news this evening, mostly centered around the Tesla Model 3. The electric automaker announced that deliveries of the Standard range model will begin as...
  32. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Was Best-Selling Car In Switzerland In March 2019

    Another country, another #1 rank. In Switzerland, Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling car of any type in March with 1,094 new registrations, followed by the conventional Skoda Octavia (801) and a few other models checking in around 500. Despite the fact that deliveries started only in...
  33. TMC Staff

    Tesla Sales Almost Equal Porsche In Germany In March 2019

    About 0.7% of car sales in Germany were Teslas Thanks to volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3, in March new car registrations of Tesla in Germany increased 453% year-over-year to a new all-time record of 2,367. We don’t know the exact numbers yet (full report is coming later this month), but...
  34. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Was #1 Selling Car In Netherlands In March 2019

    Tesla Model 3 shines in the Netherlands According to official stats, in March, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car of any kind in the Netherlands with 2,195 new registrations (5.6% of all sales). We failed to spot a single model that would be above 1,000 registrations, and we believe that...
  35. S

    Help - Prices Paid Data - Let's Share how much you paid?

    I couldn't find a reliable source for both Model 3 deal and prices paid. As this forum is the most active, I'm hoping many would be inclined to share the recent deals they got or even the Order Advisor info to help. I will share all the data on a Google Sheet once I get a reliable sample size...
  36. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Tops European Sales Chart For Premium Midsize Sedan

    Tesla Model 3 is already the top-selling premium midsize sedan in Europe. Europe is now a very interesting place to watch car sales stats as the overall market decreased for the 6th consecutive month (year-over-year), while the plug-in electric car sales increased. One of the new, fresh and...
  37. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model 3 Easily Outsold All Other EVs In Europe In February 2019

    March and April could be epically big. Tesla is already the top-selling BEV brand in Western Europe (see report for February) and the latest data provided by industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (schmidtmatthias.de) suggest that the Tesla Model 3 is the top-selling model. In the last month, about...
  38. TMC Staff

    Tesla Overwhelmed By Orders, Pushes Back Price Increase

    A brief price reprieve. If you want the best deal on a new Tesla, buy before midnight Wednesday. After that, prices on the lineup — save for the base $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 — will rise by 3 percent. That price increase was supposed to happen Monday night, but according to a tweet from...
  39. TMC Staff

    $35,000 Base Tesla Model 3 Predicted To Arrive Soon

    When will the sought-after $35,000 Tesla Model 3 actually come to market? Sadly, there’s no way to really know. But, notoriously Tesla-negative outfit Seeking Alpha seems to think the highly anticipated base Tesla Model 3 might be available in the upcoming months. While some people, in addition...
  40. TMC Staff

    Final Chance To Order Tesla Model 3, S, X For Full Tax Credit

    We’re down to only a few days left here. Not too long ago, Tesla guaranteed that all Model 3 vehicles ordered by November 15, 2018 would be delivered prior to the end of the year and would be eligible for the full U.S. federal EV tax credit. This announcement came not long after Tesla...
  41. lensovet

    Advice needed

    Hi all, So I called the Short Hills store on Thursday last week to try and place an order "off the menu" for LR RWD car. Guy on the phone said off menu means we can only do inventory cars and all the ones I wanted (black + aero) were in Canada or states too far away to be purchased without a 2k...
  42. jkirkwood001

    Poll: When will Tesla open up M3 orders to Europe?

    Great Q2 earnings call. The report says "...Average selling price will remain high for several quarters as we expect a richer mix in the initial wave of Model 3 deliveries to Europe and APAC." I think this is a wiser initiative than immediately jumping into more debt ramping up Model Y, Semi...
  43. CanadianBacon

    Order Date for Ontario?

    Ordered my Model 3 this Tuesday (about a week ago) and haven't gotten a word back from Tesla yet. Throughout the course of a week I've provided all of my info needed to take delivery of the Tesla except the payment info, as I need to have a solid delivery date planned out for me to do so. I've...
  44. jlmbsn

    Why we finally pulled the trigger on the X...

    Shortly before the M3 came out, my husband told me about this car company called ‘Tesla’. He told me he wanted to put down $1,000 on a car. So, I humored him, went for a test drive in the MS and we put in the reservation for the 3. From that point on, my husband became obsessed, going on all...
  45. M

    3 changes Tesla could make to significantly improve ordering process

    The way Tesla is handling M3 orders is entirely unacceptable. It is souring many people on both the experience & the brand. Things Tesla should change ASAP: #1 - Stop being so damn secretive about the reservation/delivery process This isn't a top secret government project (though they are...
  46. P

    Getting questions answered after your number comes up

    Tesla wrote me that my turn came up for the model 3 last week and to reply to the email if I had questions. I did reply and got no answer. They sent me a reminder Monday and again I replied and got no response. Did others have this experience? It makes me question putting down $50,000 with...
  47. N

    California VINs: are you still waiting?

    Seems crazy to start this thread, given that Elon originally said West Coast orders would be prioritized. Just wanted to gather people who have received or are still waiting on VINs in California. Lately it seems priority is going to the rest of the country. I'll be at 5 weeks with no VIN as...
  48. P

    Has anyone sold their Tesla to Vroom?

    I'm thinking about selling our car in anticipation of an update coming out that will cause extra depreciation. Vroom seems to be an interesting option and wondering if anyone had used them. My only concern is that they give you an offer for your car and then send someone to pick up your car...
  49. H

    Has anyone in the Los Angeles area that configured in February get a VIN recently?

    Hi All. I'm in the L.A. area and a current owner. I configured on 2/10, Silver, 19" Sports Wheels, PUP, Advanced Auto Pilot, and Automonous driving and I'm still waiting for a VIN. I see that people that configured on 2/14, 2/28 are getting VIN's in other states. I called Tesla a few times...
  50. A

    Any CT M3 orders being processed?

    I'm waiting for a dual-motor SR. So obviously no joy for me. I was in line on the 31st at Mt. Kisco, NY and had my order in by 10 am. Any CT owners get a configuration email or VIN assignment. If so, are you already an owner, what sub-model, etc.